Monorail Mold: What’s your opinion?

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Today Disney showed us a first look at the Monorail Model onto which the Cars characters will be applied.

“Before they announced the mold I was looking forward to the set on Mickey Mold. I thought it would be interesting to see. Now that the mold is announced I don’t think I’m as excited. I have connection to the Monorails themselves so I’m not sure I’ll get these.” -MC

“I love them. I welcome more forms into Vinylmation and can’t wait to see other characters on these too! The idea of using a Disney icon like the monorail is a great idea.” -Nick

What do you think of these models? Does this go even farther then the mold then Park Starz? Will you get these?

Also, obviously Mater and Lightning. Who else will be on this set?

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  • I love this. I can’t wait to see the other characters (if there are any)! What a cool concept!

  • Wow I am a fan of all things monorail, but this one looks way to much like the semi-truck hotwheels I see at collector stores. I really dont think I will be purchasing them, unless they release the park monorails. This and the popcorn series seem to deviate way too much from the standard mold for me. Its not a new mold/old mold issue, its a personal choice. I’ll save my dollars for some of the new series coming out.

  • Why put Cars characters on a monorail mold? Why not put them on a Car/Lightning McQueen mold?

    Lightning McQueen on the monorail mold looks OK. This mold I can go either way on. What I would like to see is Lightning on a real monorail. That would look sweet! Wouldn’t that be cool to look up as you hear that monorail coming down the rail to see Lightning, Mater, Filmore, Sarge, Finn whizzing by your head?

    • Are they ever going to do a Donald Vinylmation mold? We have a Mickey mold, Chipmunk mold, Park Starz molds, and now a Monorail mold. I want a Donald mold (and a Princess mold)!!!

      • Wait. A chipmunk mold? How did I miss that? What set was that? <3 Chipmunks!! Are you meaning the Furry Fiends?

  • Maybe cuz I didn’t enjoy the cars movies at all I don’t like this but there could be potential. Seams a little silly

  • Out of respect for the Disney Artists who worked very hard on this I assume. Lets not jump to any negative conclusions or judgments on these till we see them in person. I for one think they look cool and have a lot of potential, lets remember peoples feelings are involved here. Lets show them some respect. Negative energy has a funny way of spreading, lets just give it a chance and stay positive in regards to these. You never know, you might like them…

    • With all do respect (especially since I know your an artist yourself), I don’t really care about the artist feelings. We praise them all the time for the great work they do, and we should critic them when they don’t. This isn’t Little League T-Ball, you don’t get a medal just for participating. That’s the thing about art, its all a matter of “in the eye of the beholder”. Yes the artist spent a lot of time on this, but they also got paid (pretty well I assume) to do so. This isn’t like a pedestrian walking by a street artist telling them they suck, and effecting their confidence to continue to try to raise money to put food on the table. these are established artist who were given an idea and a direction from higher ups and did their job. So its just a matter of, are people criticizing the idea or the execution.

      With all that said, I personally love that Disney is expanding their Vinylmation brand. I think there are a few things they could have done better with this piece, I.e. added the outlines of the windows and doors to give the effect of a monorail car, as opposed to a solid plastic rectangle. I think as more come out, the cooler they will look as a whole. But again, I’m fine with a new mold of a Disney icon being used as the canvas for new art. Including Park Starz and Popcorn. The vinyl, urban, underground movement has been around for years and although most common people associate vinyl figures with brands like Dunny (one mold, many styles), but there are so many different styles of vinyl platforms. Really the vinyl craze is a result of graffiti artists wanting to bring their art to a 3D format. It’s all about creativity, color and interpretation and that’s what the Vinylmation brand is all about.

    • Evilos, always remember at least with me it is not personal! Just because I or someone doesn’t like a particular figure, mold or anything for that matter the artists should never take those comments personally! I for one think they should change the brand name Vinylmation to Vinylfigures this much better describes the vast platform/molds they are now using. I will not be purchasing these Monorail Mold Vinyls but hats off to those who do! I’ll stick with the Mickey Mold and be happy!

      • I understand, my comments about artist feelings should not of been added in my statement. I think everyone has their right to an opinion and an artist whether Disney or other should be able to take “Constructive” criticism.

  • The Cars set is definitely something I’m not interested in picking up, but I am excited to see what they do with these in the future. I would love to see an actual Park Monorails set with these and it would have to include the now infamous “Tron-O-Rail.” I can also see them releasing a set of these with the main Disney characters on them. I think that would make a great souvenir collectable.

  • I would not mind these if they were not under the vinylmation name. I actually think it looks pretty cool but it just doesn’t fit my definition of what vinylmation truly is. I collect them because of the mickey mold and that;s what makes it special for me and while I do like these they will never be in my collection for that reason only. I collect vinylmations not Disney memorabilia.

  • I don’t think thats a good idea. They’ll all be the same but different characters, unlike vinylmations.

  • Eh. I’m fine with new molds, this just isn’t exciting to me. Maybe it’s the characters… And I actually love the movie Cars. Maybe I’d totally be suckered into Monorail-Urban #1. Currently, the mold look too undifined, and more like a bullet then a monorail. If it had markings for the doors, windows, etc…. But this jumps straight to New Mold sleek surfaces. Its always possible I’ll get suckered in eventually. Love Park Starz. I’m enticed by Popcorn… This just currently give me any WOW factor. Again. W’ell see

  • The positive is I love that the artists and designers are doing new stuff under the Vinylmation name. I’m very much in favor of expanding beyond the Mickey shape.
    The negative is that Cars bores me to no end, so I won’t be picking any up, but I’m excited to see what will happen in the future with these.

    I know the vinylmation community loves to complain, but I still don’t understand why people get so hung up on the name “Vinylmation”. It’s just a word to describe the Urban Vinyl inspired sub category of merchandise. It’s like saying that Dunnys are the only true Kidrobot toys, or Bearbricks are the only true Medicom toys.

  • I really think Disney needs to stop with molds outside of the traditional Mickey Mouse vinylmation mold. I think it is fine that they make these figures, but just don’t call them vinylmations. The monorails also look like giant crayons.

  • I like new molds. Love them, but this just seems so dumb. It just doesn’t look good. Looks like something you would find in walmart or ross. Just doesn’t look good.

  • I’d like to see this in person before I decide whether or not I like it.
    If they add some doors and window lines I might like it a little more.
    I don’t mind the new mold as long as its detailed

  • I like that there is some creativity outside of the mickey mold. I bet a lot of people will really love these. I personally won’t be buying these and I hope they don’t end up in trading boxes.

  • Nice fresh idea, just not my thing. they aren’t vinylmations to me as they look like a toy & should have been released under a different name.

    • Vinylmations started out under the Art of Disney umbrella. Back then they were classics. Since they moved them under the toy umbrella of Disney, they don’t care about them as art pieces. They are just toys. The faster Disney can make them, the more profit they make. I miss the good ol days of the artwork mentality.

  • We’ll be talking about this new development on the Destination Vinylmation Podcast this weekend. If you get the chance, call us at 209-28-MOUSE and leave your opinion for the podcast! Thanks – MC

  • Apparently these were released early at the Frontierland Trading Post. Someone on Vinylnation bought a tray of them.

  • Do not mind them expanding vinylmation brand as long as the mickey one will not be replaced. But i do not mind seeing new stuff especially if I think it looks great. Some people will like and others will not. As for me I will be passing on them since I am not a huge Cars fan. I did not get any Park Starz yet but I like the idea.

  • This is the dumbest thing I’ve ever seen! There TOYS! Not collectibles this is a stupid idea Disney park starz was cool but now this!?!? I guess they will start putting vinylmation on everything so they make a few extra dollars.

  • What are these? Erasers? This shouldn’t have vinylmation anywhere in their packaging since these are just way too out there. Definitely not for me!

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