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As we have been talking about, the Disney Store will celebrate it’s 25th anniversary on March 28. We are leaning more and more to a non-release of the light up series, but they will give us at least one special commemorative figure on that day.

This clear figure designed by Jim Valeri is filled with Mickey head shaped confetti. Each figure will actually have a unique design. No word on the price or edition size. They will be released in an open window box.

I can say this figure doesn’t excite me. I don’t see a big reason to add it to my collection. Besides not really being into the design, I don’t really see the need to add memorabilia celebrating the 25th anniversary of the Disney Store. It’s not something I can jump on. Believe me, I gave Disney a ton of my money for WDW 40th anniversary stuff, so I get celebrating milestones, but not this one. What are your thoughts?

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  • I actually like it. :-). Hopefully it will be available online. Or its another hour and a half drive to the disney store..

  • I LOVE IT!!!! The u2 Confetti is one of my favorites, so this one really speaks to me! I hope it’s in stores, I’m only 20 minutes from mine :)

    • Couldn’t agree more. I absolutely love this one – reminds me of one of gyophry’s yo-yo’s. Love the uniqueness of each one.

  • I’m with you on this one, DV! At the end of the day, it’s to celebrate a shopping mall store. Sure it’s Disney – and I get that, but like you said – there’s buying something to commemorate the opening of a major theme park on a milestone anniversary and then there’s a shopping mall store. They are in different leagues entirely. What this figure *will* do though is prove that collectors will buy anything =)

    • I sure hope so, if the other 25th Anniversary are coming, so should this one. Fingers crossed!

  • I don’t get how it is designed by someone if each design is only different because of the confetti.. It would only make sense if he designed the confetti, as you can’t design ‘clear’, but even then, that’s a stretch for an artist.. I just don’t get it. It’s basically the clears series as they have no arist, but somehow this does? I’m confused.. Just my opinion.

    • I think they mean Jim Valeri mostly in idea, as in he was the one who decided to put the confetti in the figure.

  • This is FANTASTIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love it so freakin much!!!! Just imagine this on the light up pedastal :D That would be da bomb!!! In general, I can’t wait for March 28th :D

  • As far as excitement of a Vinylmation design, clears are dead last because they are so simply with no thought. The 25th Anniv design is one step above that. Personally, I don’t see the excitement here. I’m with Nick on this one.

  • I agree with Brad B for once. I don’t get the love for this. It’s a neat idea to put the confetti into the plastic while it’s still in the mold, but it looks pretty bad. There’s just a big wad of confetti in the top, which create a big blob, and then too little in the body.

    It’s a cool concept, but the execution is pretty lacking.

  • When I first saw the photo, I thought it was filled with clear liquid and confetti – like a snow globe. Now THAT would be a cool idea.

  • I really like this one! Very neat – hopefully I can make it out to a Disney Store and have a chance at getting one.

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