Robert Ashburn’s 3/9/12 Epcot Photo Report

WDWNT Reporter Robert Ashburn visited Epcot a few days ago and has some newsworthy photos to share with us, so let’s take a look:

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I LOVE this topiary

IMG4662 L

IMG4663 L

IMG4664 L

IMG4665 L

IMG4666 L

IMG4669 L

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IMG4671 L

IMG4674 L

IMG4675 L

This needs Xpass…

IMG4676 L

Whatever queue modifications were done in the middle are complete

IMG4677 L

IMG4678 L

IMG4679 L

IMG4680 L


IMG4681 L

See ya’ later Kim…

IMG4682 L

IMG4684 L

Still closed…

IMG4686 L

IMG4687 L

IMG4688 L

They are still testing with some guests though…

IMG4689 L

IMG4690 L

IMG4691 L

IMG4692 L

The VISION House is coming in April to replace the former House of Innoventions

IMG4693 L

IMG4697 L

The Festival Center is open once again

IMG4698 L

IMG4699 L

IMG4700 L

IMG4701 L

IMG4702 L

IMG4703 L

IMG4705 L

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IMG4708 L

IMG4709 L

IMG4710 L

IMG4712 L

IMG4713 L

IMG4716 L

I don’t think you can call most of those anymore…

IMG4717 L

IMG4718 L

IMG4719 L

IMG4720 L

IMG4723 L

IMG4730 L

Another Disney Vacation Club booth sporting new signage

IMG4732 L

Some awesome new shirts available at Mouse Gear

IMG4733 L

IMG4734 L

IMG4735 L

IMG4736 L

They are still finishing up this sculpture

IMG4737 L

IMG4738 L

IMG4746 L

IMG4747 L

IMG4748 L

IMG4749 L

The remodeling of Tutto Italia continues

IMG4750 L

IMG4751 L

IMG4752 L

IMG4753 L

IMG4754 L

IMG4770 L

A temporary booth open while Tutto Italia is closed

IMG4772 L

A Haiti exhibit open for Flower and Garden… doesn’t fit the festival very well

IMG4773 L

IMG4774 L

It’s more of a Food and Wine booth that a Flower and Garden exhibit

IMG4775 L

IMG4776 L

IMG4782 L

The Toy Story characters are at the American Adventure

IMG4783 L

IMG4784 L

IMG4785 L

IMG4798 L

IMG4799 L

IMG4808 L

IMG4813 L

IMG4814 L

IMG4817 L

When was this menu changed? Southwest Blackbean Flatbread?

IMG4820 L

Flowers being projected on to the monorail station

5 thoughts on “Robert Ashburn’s 3/9/12 Epcot Photo Report”

  1. I'm not sure when the menu changed, but I had the Southwest Black Bean Flatbread back in December of 2011. It was really, really good!

  2. Certainly a great time to visit Epcot with the flower show and the music.  My wife and I enjoy walking about this park more than the other three.  Just wish another country like Russia and Brazil were coming in and Horizons was back.  Horizons was what Epcot was about. 

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