Robot 2 All Mixed Up

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This picture was sent to us by VM_Paris. Paris is saying that robot two is out in France, and will e mix and match. Crazy! What do you think of this? How do you collect/trade these then? How Disney, How?

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  • ? Ummmm…… I’m not sure I like this idea. Does this mean that you can mix your CHASER with other figures??!!?? Well sure it does.

  • I really like this alot, something new is always fun. For me as a collector I would LOVE the challenge of finding all the pieces, this forces trades and will produce more sales. Smart move by Disney, I for one welcome this new way of “The Chase”. ps. If this is what they REALLY are going to do, it just might be reading too much into the labeling.

  • I love this idea, but I’m curious about something:

    Are there 12 specific designs to complete, or are there just a bunch of random parts with no specific complete designs? It seems from the previews that none of the figures are really cohesive (blue head, purple arms, green feet), and it will just be a random mix of parts that can be assembled in anyway. We need to see the back of the box!

    I think this would be a bad idea for park or character sets, but it is a neat concept for a robot series. They could take this concept into future series like build your own monster or muppet or fairy. Trading will be interesting too, with people just wanting specific heads.

    • I didn’t like this at first, but I thought it would be cool to make customs and not having to paint.

      • If you like that idea, check out out Combo Contests! (Number 3 is happening right now!)

  • I’m just curious about a chaser. Well, if there IS A chaser.

    I mean, DUH, of course there has to be one. But will it be a stand-alone piece OR do you have to be on a major blox hunt finding each and every piece of it? So, so confused.

  • If there are random pieces that are scattered throughout a case and a collector is required to find those parts for each robot design, then it would be super hard even impossible, especially bloxing in a Disney Store. Imagine if some kid buys one box and takes the robot parts away for 5 different robots (head, torso, feet and two arms), you will never see those designs put together. Considering a chaser is one per case, that animal would be impossible to assemble.

    I really cannot see Disney doing this type of randomness unless the desired effect is for collectors to just make up whatever Robots they can with the parts they have. Lego meets Vinylmation!

    • That’s why my theory is there are no specific complete robot designs where 1 head, 1 body, 1 feet etc all go together, but just 12 random parts for each part of the body that are meant to be swapped around without any specific designs to “complete”. Like the robot with the helmet doesn’t necessarily have a corresponding torso, arms, and feet. It encourages the buyers to assemble the robots however they want, and it won’t affect putting the figures in trading boxes as long as it has all of the parts.

      That’s just speculation, but it makes the most sense to me. That’s why the preview figures from the trade event are so incohesive in terms of their designs, because there are no specific designs, just a collection of parts.

      • You know what? Nevermind. Someone posted a picture of the back of the box on facebook and there are 12 specific designs to complete, and no chaser.

  • OK. so, i want to say this is a cool idea.. but logic tells me i can’t. i think there would be the “Cool” factor in this if you could buy four or five open window boxes and then complete the set. either way though… it’s a money ploy. you won’t be satisfied with buying one cause the design will be awkward (and judging based on the photo that popped up on vinylnation… some are down right HORRIBLE)… simply cause it won’t be what the design SHOULD be. And what does this mean for trading? I’ll give you my Body for your arms? oh, you think a Body is worth arms AND feet? Robots weren’t a high priority for me to begin with… this makes me (and probably many other people) less likely to pursue robots 2… and i think it’ll keep a large number of casual collectors from getting them. Cause you can’t pick one up, buy it, and hope it’s the one you want. you have to at least get 4. even if it’s at a $9.95 price tag (which i doubt)… you’re looking at $40 dollars in the HOPES to complete 1, and even if your luck is strong (which mine typically is not), based off the photo, it doesn’t even look like if you get the right 4 to complete 1, you don’t complete all 4… so now you have 1 complete, and 3 other miss-matched. I don’t see this being a smart move for Disney. Unless you’re a “I buy a case every time” person, I think in the long run this will make people hesitant to buy a box and bring down sales (i may be wrong). Where I purchased a few Robots 1 in the store, and would’ve again for Robots 2… i doubt i will under this model. And if i were to get a mismatched Robot out of the trading box… i’d probably refuse it. Yesterday at my Local Disney Store i saw a set of Toy Story figures that if you bought the set, you got a bonus toy to assemble… that i could see has having been a better model. Each box comes with a fully designed figure, but then there are, let’s say 2 (and 2 of each so it’s not rare, taking up 16 boxes), bonus figures scattered throughout the case. Get enough, then you can assemble them. and then you can trade for body parts, or whole figures. I could almost see THAT being more fun… but this… this seems like a chore.

    • Of course it’s a money ploy. Disney is a for-profit company. Every vinylmation series ever has been a money ploy.

      There are over 20 series that will come out this year, I say let them try something new. If it fails, then they’ll be eventually discounted online and in outlets. It’s not Haunted Mansion or Park 9 or some other super popular anticipated set. It’s a B series, so I say they should go for it.

      This is definitely a set marketed towards kids. I think children will love this, and they won’t be concerned with the “cohesive asthetic”. They’ll think a robot that you can take apart, then buy another and switch the parts around to build another robot would be the coolest thing in the world. Unless the kid is OCD and has to complete every single design on the back.

  • Does anyone know. When/if these will be available in the us? And can we buy them at the disney stores? Online? Or just at the parks? Thanks

    • The only info Disney has released is that Robots 2 is not Disney Store only, like Robots 1. Other than that we are still awaiting info.

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