Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom the Home Game Rules

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Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom the Home Game Rules
Version 1.0
By Ryan Thompson

A note from DV: Ryan drafted up some rules for a home (or where ever you would like to play) game. Check out these game play rules. Test it out. And send your feedback to Ryan: [email protected] Also, you can find our pictorial and downloadable checklists here.

To Start

To play Sorcerer of the Magic Kingdom the Home Game, each player should have their OWN deck of 20 to 50 cards. Each deck cannot contain more than 3 of any single Star, Moon or Planet cards as found in the bottom left hand corner of each card or no more than 1 of any single Lightning Bolt card.

To start the game each player shuffles the deck of cards they have and then asks if the other player would like to cut the card. Each player starts with 30 MAGIC POINTS. You can use whatever you like to indicate these points, coins, pebbles, or just a piece of paper with twenty dots on it.

To start each player deals themselves three cards. This forms their HAND. After the HAND is formed, each player turns over two cards into the playing area in front of them, these two cards are immediately in play. (See figure 1)

Figure 1


Unturn any card that was previously turned.

On the first player’s turn, they pick up any cards required to get back to a total of 3 in their hand.

The player now has a chance to play any cards from their hand by placing it in play and removing one of the two cards that are in play and placing it in the DISCARD pile. A player may ONLY have a maximum of two cards in play at any one time.

A player now has a chance to attack their opponent. They indicate which, if any, of the cards already in play they wish to attack with and TURN these cards to show they are in use.

The opposite player now has a chance to DEFEND with any cards they already have in play. They indicate this by placing the DEFENDING card on top of the ATTACKING card.

The DEFENDING player now has the chance to use a card from their hand to BOOST only ONE of their DEFENDING cards. (SPECIAL cards will allow more than one BOOST. See Special Rules.) They do this by taking the card from their hand and placing it on top of their DEFENDING card.

The ATTACKING player now has their own chance to BOOST, only ONE of their ATTACKING cards. (SPECIAL cards will allow more than one BOOST. See Special Rules.)

The ATTACKING player adds up the total number of ATTACK points, which is the number of ATTACK points his card has and any BOOST cards played on top of it.

The DEFENDING player does the same for their DEFENDING card, adding the number of SHIELD points the card has and any BOOST cards player on top of it.

If the ATTACKING card has a higher number of points, the DEFENDING card is placed in the DISCARD pile (along with any BOOST cards) and the remainder of ATTACK – DEFENSE is figured. This is the DAMAGE to the opponent, and this number is removed from the MAGIC POINT TOTAL of the defending opponent.

If the DEFENDING card has a higher number of points, the ATTACKING card is placed in its owner’s discard pile and no damage is done to either player.

Figure 2

In the above example, the attacker has attacked with an ATTACK card 5 and an ATTACK card 2. The DEFENDER blocked the left attack with a 5, and the right attack with a 4.

The ATTACKER boosted the left card with a 2, giving the total ATTACK POWER of 7 for the left side, which is being blocked by a total of 5 DEFENSE points. The DEFENDING card here would be discarded and the OPPONENT would take two points.

On the right side the DEFENDER boosted the SHIELD with a 2 BOOST giving a total of 6 DEFENSE/SHIELD, which means the attacking card would be discarded and no points would go to the opponent.


The play continues with the next player following the same sequence as above, until ONE of the players is reduced to 0 MAGIC POINTS.

NOTE: If any anytime you run out of cards in your main DECK, shuffle the cards in your discard pile, give your opponent a chance to cut, and make this your new DECK.


NOTE: These special properties will sometime seem to conflict with the above rules. These are designed to ENHANCE the basic rules above, and are optional. These rules SUPERCEDE any rules they conflict with as outlined above.

Each type of card has special properties to further enhance the game. Use these to create a more interesting and challenging game! These properties are all controlled by the type of spell being cast, from a choice of Charming, Wishful, Energy, Quick, Flying, Strong or Gross.

Charming spells have no limit when used as BOOSTS, allowing a player to play MORE than one BOOST card either attacking or defending. All BOOSTS still have to be declared at the same time and a player can play 1 of any other boost, and up to two more CHARMING boosts, for a Maximum of 3 boosts.

Wishful spells that are IN PLAY can be sacrificed to give the player who owns the card additional MAGIC POINTS equal to the SHIELD number of the WISHFUL spell. This spell cannot have been involved in an attack or defense during the current turn. These cards are not placed in the discard pile, but instead removed from play for the rest of the current game. Wishful spells cannot be sacrificed from your hand, but only while in play. (They still can be replaced by another card in your hand if it’s before your attack round.) FOR EXAMPLE: If you sacrifice a “Mickey’s Magic Beans” you raise your “Magic Point” counter two points.

Energy or Flying spells cannot be DEFENDED by any other type of card other than ENERGY or FLYING. Once defended, ALL BOOSTS count.

Quick spells can be put into play even during your opponents turn and are able to be used to SHIELD/DEFEND during that turn. The rule of only two cards in play at any time still is in effect though.

Strong spells gain a bonus of PLUS 2 when defending any other spell EXCEPT STRONG or GROSS spells.

Gross spells get a bonus of PLUS 2 when ATTACKING and it is defended by any other spell other than GROSS or STRONG spells.
NOTE: This means undefended cards do NORMAL damage to the opponent, the bonus ONLY kicks in when being DEFENDED.

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  1. How creative, and I cannot wait to give your home version a try Ryan Thompson! Thank you for creating a new way to play for this already addicting game!
    And to all Sorcerers, we have a fantastic Sorcerers Of The Magic Kingdom facebook group, and we would like you all to join! We share tips, and secrets about the game, card trading is encouraged and selling is allowed. We have many cast members, and locals to Walt Disney World in our group, plus we have weekly giveaways for free cards! So come on and join the magic!

  2. Great concept! Can’t wait to see how this works in actual game play. Of course the basis is that of any Trading card game. One comment, and might try the game both ways to see how it plays out, is the attack and shield. If you attack with a 4 attack 1 shield and are defended by a 2attack 3 shield… as with a game like Magic T.G. both would die. 4attack beats 3 shield and 2 attack beats 1 shield. Vice 4 attack just beating 3 shield. The thought is that one card is attacking and one is defending, but the defender still hits back and the attacker still defends against the counter, riposte, or w/e you want to call it. will try both ways and see how it works though…

  3. other possibilities: Only able to Boost according to number of Boost on card. looks like 0, 1, or 2. and charming can be like if you attack with two bother of your opponents cards that can defend against it, must defend against it thereby allowing your 2nd attacker free access to hit opponent straight on.

  4. sorry, i’m playing a game with myself.. lame i know… but keep having ideas, might as well post them and get some feedback. strong is strength… muscle… this i would think adds to attack when attacking. gross is nasty… repulsive… thus add 2 to shield when defending. and attacking as being declared attacker not as attacking as a counter/riposte as I posted earlier. so if a strong 2 attack 3 shield goes ATTACKS a gross 3attack 2 shield, then it would be 4 attack going at 4 shield and 2 attack going at 2 shield. both die. where as if gross 3 attack 2 shield ATTACKS strong 2 attack 3 shield, it would be 3 attack going against 2 shield and 2 attack going against 2 shield. in this case, both still die, but you can see how its slightly different and would vary on more extreme numbers.

  5. other ideas and again sorry for so many messages, just giving feedback and looking for feedback as well: can’t attack on the same turn you brought card out. STRONG only adds 1 attack when attacking and GROSS only adds 1 shield when defending. 2 seems to be a bit much. and boost gets a little crazy if you boost both of your cards, so i like the can only boost one or the other and make it depend on what the boost count is on card as to how many boosts can be applied. Also, i think when you deck out (as in run out of possible cards to draw) tuff luck or game over. reshuffling graveyard/discard pile to continue ability to draw is a bit much i think. just a thought. LOTS of testing to be done fellow Sorcerers. time for bed :)

  6. Robert,

    I LOVE the ideas, but there’s a problem with just giving blanket plusses to any particular category – the card could’ve just BEEN a higher number. Therefore the bonuses only play in certain situations.

    I also considered the thing where STRONG only adds 1 when attacking, and GROSS only adds 1 when defending (ETC), but again, since the ATTACK POWER Is only used WHEN attacking, the card’s printed value is just increased by 1, which isn’t really that exciting.

    ALSO – as far as reshuffling, I wanted the game to be accesible to those with even 15 cards… not only made for the elite that have LOTS of cards. I am hoping that the HOME value of some of these cards will see some interesting combinations and things.

  7. ALSO – considering to change “Gross Spells” power to read as:

    Sacrifice any GROSS SPELL in play to take a single card from your DISCARD pile and place it into play. This can be done at ANYTIME. If done during an ATTACK or SHIELD, the new power counts ONLY (no cumulative damage.)

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