The Final Word on Robots 2

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It’s been a long week of crazy information about Robots 2, so we wanted to clear a few things up.

Robots 2 was released in Paris earlier this week.
Robots 2 will be coming to America on April 13 2012 to Disney World and Disneyland.
Later they will be available on the Disney Store Online.

They come as a series of 12 Robots, each of which has the head, body, arms, and feet of 4 separate Robot designs. Inside there will be a instructions on how to create the originals. It looks like this:On the front is each design as it was intended to be, along with a number to represent that design. On the back is how they come in the boxes and a guide to which piece is which using the numbers on the front. Here’s a closer look:So the Robot on the Top Left has the Head of Robot 12, the Body of Robot 1, the Arms of Robot 11, and the Feet of Robot 6.

This is an interesting way to release these figures (although it reminds us a lot of our Combo Contests) but because there are set Robot Mix Ups it is still too early to tell how collectors will refer to or collect them. Will you display yours Mixed Up as they come from the boxes, or Unmixed?

Also of note is that this series is by Billy Davis, the same guy who gave us the Sea Creatures line (the first series on new mold). After taking a look at his tumblr account at it’s no surprise he got the opportunity for series 2. Check out these other robots he designed for Tin Men.I also noticed he designed a poster for an Aquabats show I’m pretty sure I went to back in 2008. Awesome job Billy and keep up the great work!

1st 2 pics from Disney
2nd 2 from Billy Davis

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    • I agree with Alan, “Chaser” is probably a pointless term in this series. I’m thinking that a case is just two sets of 12 not 12, 11, and 1 like other sets.

  • How can there be a chaser if every robot has pieces of 4? You would end up with random robot parts in the end which wouldn’t make me happy.

  • Each design as it was created looks pretty cool, nice colors and designs. But mixed? They look like a hodgepodge mess. I don’t collect entire series, I try for the ones I like, and even then if you get someone you don’t love, at least it still looks cool. Here they are saying if you don’t buy multiple boxes, you are pretty much guaranteed to not get a full design. For 10 to 13 bucks, you should be getting a complete design. I feel bad because I don’t think this is going to work out well for the series.

  • @ D-Street might have a special trade box for robot PARTS that you can trade for other parts, which will brake down this series into trade for (leg for leg) or (arm for arm)

  • evilos might be on to something. I would think it would be: black dot: easy to find, Red dot: harder to find, yellow dot: very hard to find, brownish-orange dot: “chaser”

    what would be the worst thing is if there was variants!

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