Urban 9 Leaked

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Looks like pictures of Urban 9 have leaked out onto the web. Vinylnation, just moments ago, posted this:

This image shows concept art of the set of 11, no chaser. Of note here: The two bugs we saw on Vinylmation’s Facebook show up in this set. We already knew about Ram and Toaster. What the heck is the painted face dude in the suit? Not in a bad way at all, I love it!, but I’d be surprised if that’s not a Thomas Scott creation.

They also posted some production shots of the combo topper and a couple of the figures.

I’d say a nice variety of objects and characters here. We will break down this set soon, but in the meantime, leave your thoughts. My first thought… In the episode we just released last night (ep. 063)… MC’s podcast prediction was right!!! Was he the mysterious person who sent these around the net? Don’t forget to see Urban 9 Explained for production shots of Ram and Toaster.

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  1. Wow I love the power up 1, very video game esque. Also the one in the upper right corner looks like a cool chandelier. And I Need the toaster; the toast in the clear ears is awesome! Can’t wait to see this set in person. Any word if these will be in the disney stores or just the parks?

  2. Well, the one with the painted face in the suit looks a little like the Maori, from New Zealand. But no idea why he would be in a suit.

  3. I really like the swamp monster and the outlaw.The tattoo/suit figure reminds me of that guy who tattooed his entire body so he could look like a tiger. Not a fan of the strange elephant suit person…

  4. Pretty standard urban set at this point: You have your animal(s), you have your food item, you have your Thomas Scott-designed human from a random subculture.

  5. really like this set, seems rather boyish but hey I prefer boyish to girlish.
    – Monster of the deep (includes crab claw arms)
    – Maori Businessman
    – Elephant kid (prefer this guy to the ones in C2, awkward angle to the trunk covering the face gives me the impression that the trunk is 3D)
    – Western Cowboy/Bandit (with hat)
    – Snakes (hidden mickey)
    – Chandelier (might be a clear body)
    – Chinese Guardian Lion or better known but incorrectly as a Foo Dog (some sort of lion like creature, of oriental style) perhaps Chi Lin?
    – Sheep
    – Toaster
    – Circuit Board (seems like it may have clear/metallic elements to it)
    – Fly

    Variant possibilities….
    Golden Chandelier
    Different coloured Monster of the deep, perhaps blue?
    Different coloured Foo Dog
    Different coloured background for the snakes
    A blue circuit board instead of green
    Unmasked cowboy

  6. OMG My husband is in love with this set and there are a few in here I’m for sure looking forward to. This year is looking real good for new sets, but horrible to our pocket books. lol

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