An In-Depth Look at the Brand New Vision House at Epcot

This weekend, WDW News Today was invited to take part in a special two day launch event for the VISION House presented by Green Builder Media, a new exhibit inside Innoventions at Epcot. WDWNT Reporter Adam Roth was sent to cover the festivities:

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The exhibit’s facade is far more realistic than its predecessor, featuring the exterior look and feel of a green household.

The attraction’s marquee is prominently featured above the entrance, most directly facing The Sum of all Thrills.

Pella, one of the many sponsors of the new exhibit, provided the windows for the exhibit, all of which feature their automated blinds system.

The first night of the special event featured a formal reception inside of Innoventions…

Sara Gutterman, Co-Founder and CEO of Green Builder Media led the event with thanks to all of the participating sponsors as well as all others in attendance.

Part of the facade is left unfinished to illustrate the unique design of the green building, including insulation within the walls.

The Vision House is officially on the roster of Innoventions East exhibits!

The evening included an unscripted tour of the Vision House to allow those present to see the extra layers of detail and ask as many questions as they wanted.

Outside of the exhibit, several touch screen kiosks will eventually offer guests the ability to connect with addition Vision House characters, all of whom are featured in the online Vision Tales extension of the Vision House/Green Builder Media brand.

It’s time for the tour to begin!

Each of the “zones” within the exhibit feature AMX panels which let the guiding cast member know where the other tour groups are in the Vision House.

The Vision House is designed with a far more realistic tone in mind, contrary to the futuristic push being the House of Innoventions.

The new layout of the exhibit is spacious and almost entirely open to guest exploration. All barricades and blocks within the former exhibit were removed and everything within the attraction is “touch friendly” for the guests.

The Vision House’s kitchen features Armstrong flooring and Bosch kitchen appliances, all of which can be purchased today. The entire exhibit uses the Nexia Home Intelligence System, which can be controlled via portable and wall-mounted touchscreen panels throughout the house.

The AMX controllers allow home owners to control the temperature of their homes, look up recipes, access the internet and much more.

Ron Jones, Founder and President of Green Builder Media took a few moments to give us his thoughts on the Vision House.

This is the first Vision House to be installed in a theme park, but he hopes it will not be the last!

This Bosch oven retains extra heat, requiring less time and energy to properly cook food items.

One of the very few areas within the exhibit that guests are not allowed to enter.

A section of the house’s wall has been cut away to show off a special insulation that helps to retain a house’s internal temperature, thus decreasing the need for temperature changes in the house’s air conditioning.

Believe it or not, this is a remote controlled toilet. The lid opens automatically at the touch of a button.

Bosch also provided the washer and dryer for the Vision House.

The Vision House belongs to the fictional Monteverde family, who are clearly Disney fans.

Moving into the baby’s room…

Notice how many of the decorations are made from recycled items.

Moving into the backyard, we get to see the garage…

As well as the greenhouse

Trane has provided the HVAC system for the Vision House

Lisa Monteverde converted the garage into her personal office according the story of the Vision House.

With so many sponsors involved, you’ve got lots of products to notice…

The exit of the exhibit features handouts for those interested.

Kohler provided the power management system for the Vision House

Is this a hidden detail?

It seems that Lisa Monteverde actually designed her family’s Vision House herself!

Shameless plug!

M for Monteverde!

Truly living with the land

In the interest of full disclosure, we were offered some wonderful treats a the event…

Back inside of the Vision House, we had the chance to walk around at our own pace to see other aspects of the house we may have missed during our first tour

Lots to see!

Here’s the real-life picture of the Monteverde family’s dog, Rounder

One lamp in the children’s room is made of an old laundry detergent bottle

The AMX touch screens feature images of the Monteverde Family during one of their recent visits to Walt Disney World

Hanwha Solar provided the solar panels featured atop the garage at the end of the exhibit

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The Vision House event continued the following morning with the opening of the attraction for all guests

The space in front of the exhibit was used to offer presentations from several of the sponsors who played a part in creating the Vision House

Vision House has several extensions of the concept that take place outside of the physical exhibit. Vision Tales is one of these concepts.

Matt Power of created the cast of characters affiliated with the Vision House/Vision House brand. He gave a great preview presentation of the online efforts associated with the Vision House that should continue guests’ interests in sustainability beyond their visit to Epcot.

Matt also showed us an early preview of the mobile app that will be released in the near future to further tie in with the brand.

A Chevy Volt is featured outside of the exit of the Vision House

Siemens is responsible for the charging system in place for the Volt

Special thanks to Green Builder Media for including WDW News Today in this very special event. We had an incredible time and we highly recommend a visit to the awesome Innoventions East exhibit, the Vision House presented by Green Builder Media!

If you want to take a full walkthorugh and hear more from those involved in the project, we have included a video below:


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