Complete Video Tour of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort

Disney has provided some fantastic video looking inside the Art of Animation Resort. From the main lobby, to the Finding Nemo wing themed elements, to the interiors of each room, no corner has been left unexplored:

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Christin Urbanski
9 years ago

What is the name of the score you use in this video? It is just fantastic. 


[…] Complete Video Tour of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort   […]

James McCoy
9 years ago

I'd prefer it if it had more of a Disney feel than a Pixar feel. And yes I know Disney owns Pixar, but I mean more like older disney movie themings like Dumbo, Bambi, Snow White, Fantasia, Fun and Fancy Free. And then another building for Movie from the renaissance era like Aladdin, Lion king 1 & 2, Beauty and the Beast, Littler Mermaid, etc… Maybe there is but I didn't see it from this video.

Drago Harley
9 years ago
Reply to  James McCoy

 One of the wings will be a Little Mermaid wing.  It's the final one to be completed and was not in the video.  Another of the wings is Lion King (from the "Renaissance" you mentioned) and it's in the video (it's the room that had the animal prints, African, and plant decor and characters from Lion King in it). 

So, that's two "renaissance" films and then two more modern Pixar films. 

Two films you "prefer" and two for people who like Pixar.