Hayley Nance’s 4/2/12 DLR Photo Report

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Photo Report from Hayley’s recent trip to the Disneyland Resort

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Its a beautiful day

Upper scaffolding is gone. Matterhorn is looking pretty.

Love the new Cars themed Monorail Vinylmation

Such cute little Disney Ducks

Looking forward to Carnation Cafe reopening this summer

LaBrea’s refurb

 Clever new Donald T-shirt

Cinderella, Gus, & Jaq in Small World

Alice & the White Rabbit displayed on the chess table in the UK

The Three Amigos over in Mexico!

Ariel fits in so nicely, you hardly noticed the change

Nice to know they work so hard to keep the parks looking new & clean

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  • Is part of the refurbishment of the Matterhorn hopefully a change in the ride vehicles themselves? Those bobsleds have been uncomfortable for years, whether you sit alone or with someone in front or behind you (I nearly got my tooth broken a long time ago when the friend in front of me flung her head back). It would be great if new bobsleds or some sort of ride pods were being made. If not, oh well.

  • From what was report on the Parks blog, yes. They're changing the ride vehicles. It looks somewhat different. It looks like to be one person a seat now and the seats are much wider and broader. They look much more modern and they're blue!

  • They are being changed and there are photos in an earlier photo report :) you can find among photots of the new Cars Land from the Blue Sky Cellar.

  • I couldn't find any pictures of the new Matterhorn bobsled ride vehicle, but someone over on another website (one geared towards Walt Disney World, but we sometimes discuss Disneyland too) gave me this picture link: http://www.flickr.com/photos/geevee419/6085559409

    (In case others wondered what the ride vehicle looks like)

    It seems more like what people ride in for Magic Kingdom's version of Space Mtn, which isn't very comfortable but it might do well with Matterhorn anyway.

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