More Park Photos of Cars Land

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From Paul Hiffmeyer of the Disney Parks Blog:

When night falls in Cars Land, all I can say is “get your camera ready!” For years, I’ve had the pleasure of discovering all the different photographs to be had at the Disneyland Resort once the sun goes down, so having the opportunity to explore all the new photo possibilities in Cars Land at night has been a real treat.

When you enter Cars Land at night, you’re going to want to walk down Route 66 and take in the spectacular lights and neon signs of Radiator Springs.

This photo was taken just outside Radiator Springs Racers. You can really see the shape of the front of a car come into view in the rockwork with the way it is lit at night (the grill to the left, hood ornament on top, and even a wheel well on the right). Be on the look out for more surprises in the rockwork, some things are easy to find and some are a little harder.

This photo is one of my favorites so far. The cars are close and you have great view of the mountain range. It was taken just after sunset and I used a slow shutter speed to show motion.

Check back soon as I will be sharing more photos from inside Cars Land. I’m thinking of sharing some pictures highlighting some of the amazing (and fun) detail you’ll see throughout Radiator Springs.

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Tim Alcoser
Tim Alcoser

Absolutely beautiful shots! Can't believe we still gotta wait a month and a half!


wow, that last picture makes me super excited!!! Thanks for posting the pics!