Animal House: The Mascot Series

Update: 5/7/12 The Disney Vinylmation Blog added Mascot Series to the release schedule today. Look for them on June 22 at D-Streets. They will be sold individually in open window boxes for $12.95. No word yet on other figures.

5/5/12 A few readers sent us over some pictures of new figure found on eBay. Hopefully someone landed in detention for leaking this, as it is another “dumpster diver” from Hong Kong. This one has intrigued me more than any of the dirty vinyls we have seen the past couple weeks. The name of the series this Pluto is from is called “Mascots.”

The second I saw this vinyl, I immediately thought of a line of clothing I see at the parks. The various shirts, jackets, hats, etc… feature Mickey and Donald in a retro university style. Not until I took a peak on the did I realize they call this clothing line “Mascots.” Take a look at some of the styles below and let me know if you agree, but once I saw the name, I’m even more convinced they are connected.

Mascot Mickey Green Tee

Mascot Mickey Hat listing showing the “Mascot” name

Donald Duck Sweatshirt

To my dismay, there is only one Donald Duck item, this sweatshirt. One I would love to have, but I would only get to wear it like once a year living in Orlando. I always thought the graphic was incredible. I really like the retro look and as you can see, they do them in a number of poses and facial expressions.

The design style chosen for Pluto just looks amazing. We do know, the artist on this one is Maria Clapsis.

If the Mascot series turns out to be like the clothing line, I will most likely be signing up day one… as long as the final product line makes the grade.

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8 years ago

Loving this!!! Could this possbly mean Minnie and Daisy Cheerleaders, Mickey and Donald athletes, and a Goofy Referee…maybe throw in a Stitch, Pete, Chip and Dale, Grumpy, Figment, and maybe even a Tink. Whoever is in this set, based on this one figure, will look AMAZING!!!! A definate purchase for the collection!!!!


8 years ago

Keeping in line my being selective in series these days, Imma just want Pluto only. <3

8 years ago

I already read about the DisneyStore clothing line on, but it’s nice to see that you guys frequent their site for information too.

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