Daytime Fountain Show Coming To Paradise Bay????

Adding to the massive list of new attractions and offerings coming to the Disneyland Resort on June 15th, something interesting appeared on the Disneyland calender. A new show Called Melody Time is taking place in Paradise Bay every hour 5 times a day from 11:00 to 4:00. PhineasTheHitchhikingGhost grabbed a pic before Disney pulled it down.

It’s only a five minute show so that rules out an extensive stage show on the Palisades Stage. We are assuming it is a new daytime fountain show utilizing the World of Color fountains and may be taking tunes from the 1948 animated feature Melody Time.



While the show may just be using the name, we are not sure if the show will utilize music from Melody Time. Daytime fountains have been tried before with Disney Channel Rocks! The show has failed but I always thought the daytime fountains was a neat feature.


Stay tuned to DLNT as more on this story becomes available.

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