Donald and Rizzo Star Wars Action Figures Review

As part of the month-long celebration that is Star Wars Weekends at Disney’s Hollywood Studios, the merchandise team created some great new mash-up action figures. Donald Duck as Savage Opress and Rizzo as Yoda, are different yet exciting additions to their respective series runs.

I’ll start with the Donald as Savage Opress. Opress is the feature of a story line on the Clone Wars animated TV show. He is discovered by Ventress who wants to use him to defeat Count Dooku (who in turn wants to use him to defeat Darth Sidous). Opress is Darth Maul’s brother, therefore has a similar paint scheme, just different colors. Since Disney has already given us a Darth Maul Donald, this figure is a perfect niche choice for a limited edition figure… especially with the much appreciated Clone Wars focus on the last series.

As with the Darth Maul figure, this one has some great paint detail and sculpted horns on the face.

Savage Opress action figure
Savage Opress Clone Wars screenshot

His uniform is fairly accurate to the show with the robes, belts, gloves and boots. He of course has the duel light saber as well. If I were to be picky, I would have liked to see more detail on the shoulder pads to indicate as series of shields instead of one big pad.

The edition size is 2012 and the price is $12.95… putting it just $3 over the normal series retail.

Continuing the Muppets as Star Wars series that began earlier this year, Rizzo appears as Yoda in this one-off limited release figure. The earlier series really impressed me overall with well done character selection, designs, joint movement and accessories… and this figure does not disappoint.

Would Kermit make a better Yoda? That can be debated, but Kermit is needed for the starring role of Luke Skywalker, so the elder Jedi’s role falls onto the rat’s shoulders. I like the approach of only using green on the Yoda ears and eyes as opposed to when Stitch is Yoda and his entire body is painted green. That full body paint works well on Stitch, but the varied approach is nice to see here. The details are all here in the face and robe, but the geek in me is drawn to the two accessories. You can have Yoda Rizzo hold either a light saber or a cane… and that is just cool.

The only gripe here is the price. At $14.95 this figure is at best $2 over priced… at worst $5. The Muppets 2-packs retail at $18.95… that’s $9 each for figures that are much larger than this one. I can see paying a few extra bucks for a limited release item, especially one released at the hoopla around Star Wars Weekends, but at $15, this is $2 more than the Limited Edition Savage Opress Donald! I have long, long ago stopped trying to figure out Disney pricing because my head was about to explode like the Death Star.

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