New 9″ Vinylmation Shape Racing to Stores

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In an interesting twist, a new 9″ Vinylmation shape has been announced, but not on Disney’s official Vinylmation Blog. We first saw the news on Noah’s Fine Art blog, then on the Disney Parks Blog. The mold will be in the shape of Lightning McQueen and is called “Vinylmation 95.”

At first I thought this might just be a custom deal, but all wordage points to this being a new Vinylmation platform for Disney artists to create new designs on in addition to the Mickey mold. Here is a quote right out of the Disney Parks Blog:

“One of the things I’m most excited to share with you is the debut of the new Vinylmation 95 platform! Guaranteed to get your motor racing, this new 9” form is shaped like the one and only Lightning McQueen and pays tribute to his signature number, 95.”

Update 5/30/12 Disney Artist Eric Caszatt tweeted us, in fact confirming this new mold will be used by other artists for more designs.

The new Vinylmation will officially be unveiled to the public on June 9th at the grand opening of WonderGround, a new art store at the Downtown Disney District in California. As part of the event, the artist Noah, will debut a limited edition design on this Lightning McQueen Vinylmation 95 platform. That same day,  Noah will be holding a Vinylmation Signing from 11 a.m. – 1 p.m. He is also scheduled to be on hand every Friday and Saturday night throughout the month of June, from 5–9 p.m.

What else can you expect to find in WonderGround Gallery? Not only will you find original artwork on the walls, but you can actually find some of this featured art on an array of items, including limited-edition giclées, deluxe prints, t-shirts, mugs, magnets and more. In addition, look for art-inspired home and lifestyle products, including books, journals, note cards, picture frames, novelty pens, stencils, vases, paperweights and art figures, among other items. Visit for more information and artist appearance schedules.

Noah’s customs will be the first designs on this new 9″ Vinylmation platform, but others are sure to follow. Will we see a few non-customs released in conjunction with the June 15th Carsland opening? Cars is sure getting special treatment in the world of Vinylmation. This film series was the first to get designs on the Monorail mold and now this. However, just like the monorail, I do appreciate the unique and Disney themed mold and am excited to see some very creative designs. And like the monorails, I don’t know what the future holds, but I do know the creativity coming out of the Disney Design Group will continue to push the boundaries and expand way past what we imagine. It is very hard to judge this without seeing the initial Disney designs, but I do know this opens a door to whole slew of new possibilities. How about you? Will you enjoy Park, Animation or Urban designs on this platform? Or how about character and movie representations? And it all begs the question, what new mold form will they think of next?

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  • This is the most STUPID thing to hit the Vinylmation world!!!!!!! I mean really Disney? The shape is stupid and the design is HORRIBLE!!!!! Disney needs to stop trying things like this and stick to the ORIGINAL Mickey Mouse Mold!!!!!

    • hey man, just relax. for the artist, working on the same mold might be tedious after a while. Is it the best idea? maybe not. But you have to give it a chance and see what they do

  • As someone who does alot of online racing. This would be a great mold for me. I could have so much fun with thos mold.!

  • I don’t really care for these since I am not a car person like other people, who might like it for that reason. But there is no need to get mad about it being called vinylmation if we still have the 3″ mold. If it’s not your cup of tea, you save money. If anything, I think we will see more creative designs (especially urban style) on this design if they mass produce as opposed to the monorail ones. I still don’t own Park Starz but they are growing on me and I might be owning one pretty soon.

  • I think Disney would sell A LOT of Vinylmation with a 3″ McQueen (Cars) type mold. They already have the diecast car series that they shape into each Disney character and it sells fairly well. I can see the potential for them to have a Cars type mold a lot more than I can see a Monorail type mold Vinylmation. Just about every Disney character out there would fit nicely on a Cars type mold. Being a Hot Wheels collector for over 40 years, there is just something about accumulating massive amounts of small vehicles.

    Disney, bring on a 3″ Cars mold, but a 9″ is just toooo massive to have many laying around the house.

    I know Noah is a friend of DV, but IMO, it is time to give up the Vinylmation gig. Your early Vinylmation creations were GREAT, but these “mass produced” series (Poison Apple, Kermit/Animal, McQueen) are WEAK. We know you can do these in your sleep, but to actually ask hundreds of dollars for them is just plain silly. I think it truly weakens your brand in the long run. Keep the creative side of your Vinylmation for releases like the large Sorcerer Mickey, World of Color, 9″ Tron, Metal Mickey and even Little Mermaid.

  • I won’t be buying it, but I hope somebody likes it. Is that sparkles in the red paint? Sparkle paint is always retro-tastic.

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