Say Aloha to the New DCL Vinyls

Looks like an eBay seller in Hong Kong pulled some upcoming DCL Vinylmation figures out of the dumpster. Now if I can only find some Disney Cruise tickets in the dumpster by me. Unfortunately I will not be going to Alaska or Hawaii anytime soon, but the DCL ships will be and apparently some commemorative vinyls will be aboard. As always, we only post these pictures to show off some upcoming designs, we do not endorse purchasing these figures as they are damaged and hurt your collection as well as the hobby as a whole.

The first is a Lumberjack. The design on this one looks fantastic to me. Great face and logs in the ears are priceless.

Not much to the back of this one, but a nice continuation of the overalls. No cruise logo either.

It is a Caley Hicks design and limited to 1000. No word on release date. The second figure is a Hawaii themed piece.

A clear yellow with a lei wrapped around it.

The back of this one does include the logo and says “Inaugural Sailing.”

The Hawaii figure is an Eric Caszatt design and LE 2500. No word on release date for this one either.


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