The Vinylmation Station – May 21, 2012

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Vinylmation fans were treated to a sweet surprise this past Monday with the surprise release of Kidada’s “Let Your Conscience be Your Guide” set. This limited edition set of 500 pieces comes complete with a nine-inch figure, a Vinylmation Jr, and a pin and retails for $74.95.

It is available only at, the North Michigan Avenue Disney Store in Chicago, the Times Square Disney Store in Manhattan, and the Walt Disney Studio. Like Kidada’s other Vinylmation figures and sets, this one features an incredible amount of detail. According to the description, it “showcases the positive and negative sides of temptation.” On the front of the nine-inch figure is a happy Pinocchio surrounded by all kinds of sweet treats at Pleasure Island.

The Vinylmation Jr figure is designed to look like Jiminy Cricket with eyes glancing in the direction of Pinocchio and a disapproving expression on his face. The back of the nine-inch figure depicts an unhappy Pinocchio with donkey ears and tail inside the mouth of Monstro the whale. Above Pinocchio are the words, “Go ahead. Make a fool of yourself, then maybe you’ll listen to your conscience!” The pin is a sculpted metal pin that reads “Official Conscience 18KT” and is a great addition! As usual, the box art for the set is as whimsical as the Vinylmation. The front of the box matches the candy theme of the front of the nine-inch figure, and in a great innovation, the back of the box also has a window and is designed to resemble a stage through which one can see the back of the nine-inch figure! Hopefully this type of packaging will be used in future sets of nine-inch figures.

Friday saw the release of the Vinylmation Star Wars Disney Characters set at the parks and the Brave set in Disney Stores as expected. It also saw the release of images of some upcoming designs. Here is a preview of the Phineas and Ferb figures, from the set of six open edition figures coming to Disneyland, Walt Disney World, and Disney Store next Friday, May 25.

The figures in this set will retail for $12.95. Kudos to the artist for adapting Phineas’ triangular shaped head perfectly to the rounded Vinylmation canvas!

The other preview released on Friday was of the rest of the figures being released during the Vinylmation Trading event, Mickey’s Circus. In addition to the three figures previewed earlier this year, there is this set of two three-inch figures of Bongo and Lulubell from the animated film, Fun and Fancy Free.

The combo was designed by Monty Maldovan and has an edition size of 500. It will retail for $26.95.

The last two figures for Mickey’s Circus are two nine-inch designs. Both figures will have an edition size of 100 and will each sell for $150.00 (we’re hoping this is a typo on Disney’s part)!

The first design is by Caley Hicks and features a Circus Seal standing on a platform while balancing a ball on its nose. The seal’s face is done in profile, allowing the canvas’ left ear to be used for the ball and the right ear for a hat. It may be a little tricky to make out the design at first.

The other nine-inch design is by Eric Caszatt and features a Circus Lion. This design is straightforward, and like the seal, is very colorful.

Mickey’s Circus Vinylmation Trading Event will take place at Epcot’s World Showcase on Sunday, September 9, 2012, from 9:30 A.M. to 5:30 P.M. Registration for the event is now open. Will you be attending? As the Kidada figure states, “Let your Conscience Be Your Guide!”

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