Urban 9 Explained

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Urban 9
Release Date: April 20th (Disney Stores), May 11 (D-Streets)
Price: $9.95
Details: 11 known figures and 1 mystery chaser, 2 variants, 1 combo topper

Update: 5/10/12 Tomorrow this series will come out in D-Street stores. The combo pack will also be available tomorrow.


Quick call Jeff Goldblum, there’s a fly about. Kinda freaky but still cool, I like the eyes. Great use of clear ears too.


A detailed snake with a Hidden Mickey painted onto a red background. Looks kinda like a California King Snake, but the marking seem just a little off.

Western Gangster

Absolutely LOVE the cowboy hat. Looking good with the handkerchief over the face. I hope this one has a lot of grit and detail to it in person.

Red Dragon

A little plain for my taste. Also reminiscent of the Chinese Zodiac set. Here is a description from Penguin: “Chinese Guardian Lion or better known but incorrectly as a Foo Dog (some sort of lion like creature, of oriental style) perhaps Chi Lin?”

Pic from themagickitschdom.com

Power Up

Great idea with the power symbol in the body and the circuit design in the head. I hope in person the symbol has a glow to it and the back must be more detailed with cool surprises and maybe Disney related patterns.

Lagoon Monster

Perfect scary face. I want to see a cool tail, but he already has the claws for hands.

Maori Businessman

Thanks to Penguin for the title and everyone for the “Maori” description. That is what this appears to be. I so love the mash up between the tattooed face and the business suit here. It’s so odd, I like it like I like Pink Zombie Bunny.

Elephant Kid

What? I can’t wait to really find out what this is and have an artist’s explanation. It appears to be a kid in an elephant costume with (Mickey Ear Hat-like) Elephant hat with trunk and ears.


The design fits well onto the mold, but at least in concept art, I’m not sure if I can be into this one.

Artist: Maria Clapsis

Since Cutesters became themed, designs like this enter the Urban realm. I really like this design. The little tufts of cotton and the horns in the ears are drawn very well.

Pic from Vinylmation Exchange

Artist: TBA

An extremely simple but very  cool design. The toast popping through the clear ears is just plain brilliant use of canvas. I also like the Vinylmation logo at the bottom.

Mystery Chaser
Artist: Thomas Scott
Combo Topper

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  • Wow, what an exciting start! I cannot tell which of the two is my all time fav, Sheep or Toaster. I keep going back and forth. I think they should start a new series…..Lame vinyls. LOL

  • If the chandelier is done right I really like it. I think it should be on a clear blue and then I could light it up. anyways, these definitely fell short for me. but there are a few designs I hope to trade for. Don’t think I’ll be bloxing any unless the chaser is uber awesome.

  • I don’t think it’s a sheep at all, the ears show rounded horns which would lead me to believe it’s a mountain goat.

  • I am definitely disappointed with the past few urban releases, you think they would be more intact with vinyl buyers by now. This set is just plain dumb. But I personally think Morai businessman is freekin awesome!!!!

    • Personally I (MC) think the Urbans have gotten farther and farther from the “art style” type that it seems D-Tour has become. As part of that there seem to be less and less figures I want from each new Urban set. (But some of that might just be limiting my finances more (: )

  • After seeing the back of the figure I can say the Foo Dog or Red Dragon is in fact something else.
    The figure is a Kitsune a Japanese Fox Sprit. Magical creatures with great intelligence and shapeshifting abilities. The more tails the creature has the greater older, wiser and more powerful it is.
    Some are believed to be Tricksters (Yako) others as Companions, Guardians and Lovers (Zenko).

  • The red one is a kitsune. If you look at the back, you will be able to see that it has seven tails (I have this figure in my collection).

    Please update the info on the page.

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