Art of Animation Resort Offers A Little Bit of Cars Land in Florida

Opening on June 18th, the Cars wing of Disney’s Art of Animation Resort is already expected to be the most popular wing of the hotel. We took a lot of pictures over the construction fences during our stay, so let’s see how the next phase of the resort is doing (You may also want to check out our photos from a few weeks ago for a look inside the Cars rooms):

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Sheriff sits below a billboard from the film

DSC02672 L

DSC02673 L

DSC02674 L

The back of one of the Cars buildings

DSC02675 L

DSC02676 L

DSC02677 L

Doc Hudson

DSC02678 L

DSC02679 L


DSC02680 L

Yes, the Cozy Cone Sign has neon, and unlike the one in the movie, it spins…

DSC02681 L


DSC02682 L


DSC02683 L

DSC02684 L

Cozy Cone cabanas around the pool

DSC02685 L

DSC02686 L

DSC02687 L

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The back of another building

DSC02688 L

DSC02690 L

DSC02691 L

DSC02692 L

DSC02693 L

The Cozy Cone cabanas will be first-come, first-serve

DSC02694 L

Sarge’s Surplus Hut

DSC02695 L

DSC02696 L

The Wheel-Well Motel in the very back

DSC02697 L

IMG0490 L

In the windows of the Cozy Cone Motel, we spotted postcards…

IMG0491 L

And the little alarm clocks from the film

IMG0502 L

IMG0511 L

Great signage

IMG0513 L

Gas pumps at the Wheel-Well

IMG0514 L

Lightning McQueen and Sally

IMG0517 L

A peek inside a cabana

  1. Radiator Springs it is.  Childs will love this.  They have done a great job in this part of the Art and Animation Resort.  All that's missing is the ride and you have a new land.  Someone was really thinking when they thought this whole resort concept up.  The 00's to the 40's can be recreated in Pop Century by making each of the 10 building a decade. 

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