Big Top moves in months before Mickey’s Circus

In September we get Mickey’s Circus. But before that we’ll be seeing a whole Circus Vinylmation Mystery Box series called “Under the Big Top” from Disney. On July 23rd the Disney Stores will be releasing this new series across the country and online.

Two days before, we will see a special release of the series at a signing at the Costa Mesa Disney Store. On July 21st, Gerald Mendez will be signing his new series from 10:30 – 1:30. There will also be special events and activities at the event. Some interesting fine print for the event. If you purchase a full tray of this set, then you get a gold ticket, good for up to 7 signatures. If you buy 3-8 boxes, then you get a silver ticket, which gets you up to 3 signatures. While supplies last.

Here is a quick look at four of the pieces from this series. What do you think?

Fire Eater

Love the accessory (I always do). Looks great.

Ring Master

Great mustache. And Hat.


Reminds me of Abu. Another nice accessory!

Fortune Teller

Great us of artist technique to show the table and crystal ball in front of the vinyl.

There also looks to be two more pieces in the picture of Gerald. One looks like it could be a Strongman (with a mustache similar to the Ringmaster’s, but not crooked.) The second is harder to identify, maybe a Clown or even a concession item.
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