2012 Vinylympics Dream Team

Last year we picked our favorite new vinyls as our All Star Baseball teams. This year we went to the Vinylympics and picked our Dream Basketball team. These figures not only seem like good fits for the positions but they also were the best vinyls so far in 2012.

Position Blind Box Bashers D-Street Destroyers
MC Nick
Center Punk Stitch Duffy
Power Forward Light Up Hippo Stormtrooper Donald
Small Forward Big Top Chaser(s) Dapper Dan
Point Guard Perry Carl
Shooting Guard Chernobog Mascot Goofy
Benches Dapper Dans
King (James) Mickey
Tattered Dress Snow White
Magic Kingdom Ticket
Equipment Manager Nerds Figment
Team Captain Director Mickey
Coach K. Murase Maria Clapsis

Leave a comment and tell us who your Dream Team for this year would be!

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