4 NEW Star Wars Series #2 Figs Revealed!

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At Friday’s WDW Trade Night we saw some of the Star Wars Series 2 Vinylmation pins on display. The 6 pack revealed 2 known and 4 previously unknown figures.

Star Wars Series 2 is based on the first movie, A New Hope. A few characters such as Luke, Leia and Vader who where in the first Vinyl series based on this movie franchise make a reappearance here.

Luke Skywalker has the cool, double sun Tatooine backdrop in his ears.

Leia, buns and all, takes on her New Hop appearance in white robes. Her ears look like the walls of the ship.

The striking feature of this Vader is the helmet. It appears to protrude out from the head meaning an accessory is in the works! Cape? Not by the looks of the pin’s shape. The ears are all Tie Fighter and outer space.

We also have Muftak, a patron of the Mos Eisley Cantina. With this tough guy on the loose can Kabe be far behind?

We knew about the Tusken Raider and Greedo. We also know of Obi Wan and Grand Moff Tarkin. That brings the total up to 8 known figures! We are almost there. Star Wars 2 is slated for an August 2012 release. Stay up to date with our Star Wars 2 Explained page.

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  1. Princess Leia needs to lay off the snacks. What’s with the super chubby cheeks?

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