Animation 2 Limited Edition Explained

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Update 7/29/12 Geppetto, already released in Disneyland Paris, gets an August 10 release date online and at D-Streets. The Disney Blog says it will cost $12.95!!! Super value? Most likely a mistake. Also August 10, some quantity of the LE 1000 Rhino will be made available online after selling out at both D-Streets.

Update 6/22/12 Vinylmation Blog Event Calender updated dates for Roger, Humphrey, and Rhino

Update 6/6/12 Rhino removed from Vinylmation Blog Event Calender

Update 5/29/12 Release date of June 15 and price of $18.95 confirmed for Rhino

Update 4/21/12 Saw the box side for the 9″ LEs revealing the entire lineup.



Pinocchio (1940)

Artist: TBA

Release Date: August 10

LE 1000

Price: $44.95


9″ Humphrey


3″ Ranger J. Audubon Woodlore

Various Cartoons (1950’s)

Artist: Monty Maldovan

Release Date: July 6th (D-Street)

July 20th (Online)

LE 1200

Price: $74.95


9″ Maleficent

and 3″ Prince Phillip

Sleeping Beauty (1959)

Artist: Casey Jones

Release Date: April 20, 2012

LE 1200

Price: $74.95


Three Little Pigs

& Big Bad Wolf

Three Little Pigs (1933)

Artist: Monty Maldovan

Release Date: March 2012

LE: 1200

Price: $44.95 


Roger Rabbit

Who Framed Roger Rabbit? (1988)

Artist: Maria Clapsis

Release Date: July 27th (D-Streets and Online)

LE: 1200

Price: $44.95Roger looks great on this large canvas.



Bolt (2008)

Artist: TBA

Release Date: July 20th D-Streets

& August 10 Online

LE: 1000

Price: $18.95A great expression on this hamster’s face and wow! It comes inside his own ball. Brilliant!


Bernard and Bianca

The Rescuers (1977)

Artist: Casey Jones

Release Date: January 12, 2012

LE: 1200

Price: $26.95

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  • I love the Rhino presentation. It’s been in my mind ever since the 9″ Bolt came out last year. From this picture, it doesn’t look like they captured that “I eat DANGER for breakfast” look.

    • We do too! Perfect way to explore more outside the box ideas. Plus it makes sense size-wise. Who else will be the first figure you put inside the ball?

      • Yes, LEOTA in the Ball. Didn’t think of that one. I may have to buy a Rhino just to get the Ball and do a custom LEOTA!!! Sweet!

  • I’m loving the Big Bad Wold and Three Little Pigs I hope they do more sets like this in the future. I was excited to see the Roger Rabbit Vinlmation, I got more disapointed when i saw that it was going to be 9″ and now I know I’ll never get it becuase I am totally unwilling to pay the new base price for 9″.

    • Agreed! As we discussed on last week’s podcast, a $75 figure is way too expensive. We’ll just have to see what happens.

  • I’d love a Roger and Jessica 2-pack Jessica being taller then Roger!!! Any ideas on 1) if these will be available at the Disney Store retail locations vs just parks and 2) what price they will be…

    I ask because I know my local Disney Store currently has the regular Animation 2 set (with sebastian and Kim Possible)

  • I love the Rhino!I I really like the Prince Phillip too but, I don’t do 9 inch.Nick, you have to love the use of ears on Prince Phillip.

  • When would you advise getting to DStreet for Rhino? Should I shoot for opening or hours before that?

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