Comic Con 2012 Vinylmation Explained

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Update: 7/10/12

Disney Store will release two (2) of these very limited-edition figures during each day of Comic Con. For the lucky few attending “Preview Day” tomorrow (Wednesday 7/11/12), the head chef will showcase his street side buffet you can purchase all eight (8) figures on the same day! Be sure to stop by the Funko booth (#4829/4928) to pick them up. Each figure retails for $10.00. 250/each available per design.

Update: 7/6/12 Queen and King of Hearts shown at the WDW Trade Show. Also saw Park Starz Pink Squid Variant.

San Diego Comic Con is on July 12-15 in California and Disney has announced several Vinylmation releases spread through out the event. According to the Vinylmation blog, they will be available for purchase online. (But we assume they will also be at the event)

July 11

Comic Con Boy and Girl

Two 3″ Combo

LE 2000

$34.95A part of the Comic Con celebration Disney is releasing this two pack set of two kids dressed up in costumes (much like what many of the people who attend the event do). I like the girl’s use of a accessories, both a cape and glasses. Very cool.

The boy is a little more Robin themed. he’s got a mask and a little hat. He’s got the costume and a utility belt (which just happens to hold vinylmation).

This is a great set, although we had hoped this might have been the introduction of Marvel by having the kids dress up as Marvel characters.

July 12

Pixar’s Up Young Carl and Ellie

Two 3″ Combo

LE 2000

$26.95Amazing. Spot on. Perfect use of ears. Grape Soda cap!!!

July 13

Park Starz Squid Variant

LE 1954

$24.95We first saw this as part of Thomas Scott’s John Carter vinylmation interview video on 3/7/12. This will be the fourth variant to the Park Starz 1 series, I love the color. Prefect.

July 14

Alice in Wonderland Queen and King

3″ and Jr Combo

LE 2500

$24.95Inspired by the the size difference of the King and Queen, this set will portray the Queen at a full 3 inches and the King in a mini Junior. This will be the third Queen of Hearts 3″. The first one was with the Alice set and the second will be in the Villains 3 set.

July 15

Popcorns Mickey Mouse Pie Eye Variant

LE 5000

$24.95In celebration of the upcoming Popcorns series, Disney is releasing a black and white variant of the Mickey design. (Similar to Funko’s Metal Mickey from Comic Con last year)

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  • i want the queen of hearts set!!!! it needs to be added to my alice collection. thank goodness have friends going to comic con!!!

  • can’t wait to see carl and ellie! hopefully they’re in full adventurer regalia – complete with flight goggles and leather helmets!! and a balloon in the ear would be SWEET!

  • Overall, it’s a nice assortment of Vinylmation designs and canvases ( 3″ Mickey, Junior, Park Starz, and Popcorn). It really showcases what can be done with this art form! If some of these are actually at Comic Con, I think there’s something to spark any interest.

  • Any news/updates on the Park Starz Figment Variant??? I am starting to get worried that we haven’t heard anything since the non-release from a few weeks ago.

  • I LOVE the Park Starz Squid variant. Looks even better than I anticipated! Cannot wait to get one. Wish my trip to Disneyland was one week earlier.:-(

  • Question — do these Park Starz 1 variations make people think twice about buying the initial release of the upcoming Park Starz 2? For example — The Tower of Terror one looks cool, but is is Disney going to plus him when it comes to variant time?

    • I think everyone’s taste is different when it comes to the Park Starz variants. To me, it was nice collecting the regular PS1 series without worrying about the variants.

      The only variant I liked better than the original is the, yet to be released, Figment in Sweater. With Copper Abe, I liked the regular issue equally. With the regular issue Bride and Yeti, I liked them better than the variant versions. Since it’s hard to tell the true color on the squid variant, I will have to wait to pass judement.

      Hopefully, Park Starz series 2 will only have one or two variants. To me, these five PS1 variants were way TOO MANY. The 12 regular issue PS1 vinyls are my favorite series of ANY Vinylmation to date. I display the variants in another place because they seem out of place next to the regular collection.

      I hope the HTH Bellhop doesn’t have a variant. It’s spot on!

  • These designs are all really awesome except for the Carl and Ellie set. That is defitnely the most HIDEOUS set I’ve ever seen, really ugly,both are bad designs,a poor subject, and is from a terrible movie!

    • With all due respect, you’re allowed to have your opinion but it doesn’t really hold much weight now knowing your bias towards the movie. I’m not the hugest fan of the movie either, but I can respect a good piece when I see one, and I disagree with you; I think these are well down and do a great job capturing the characters.

  • These are some great designs, especially the Carl and Ellie, best of the set hands down!

  • Any updates on the boy and girl release today??? I haven’t seen them online yet. Did I miss them? Does anyone know what happened with the qr codes?

    • Sorry. I just noticed that I got the dates mixed up and the online releases don’t start until tomorrow. Oops.

  • Does anybody know if these are available on the Disney Store website at 12am or ONLY at ComicCon?

    • They claim that any “extras” will be available the next day on the website. But we doubt it’s going to be that simple (if they even have any left)

  • I have a friend willing to buy me the set of 8 Tasty and UP set but id be broke afterwards…..what would you guys do??

  • Trying to buy the Up set and keep getting “cannot be purchased at this time”. Was anybody able to buy it for sure??? Did I get up too late??? Help.

    • My order came through all right at 2:27am CDT. Of course, we all know that until they are in hand or at least we are notified that they shipped, nothing is for sure. Hopefully, it was just system overload. The LE for the online release said LE1500.

  • check out what i saw on the events page of the official vinylmation page..

    July 14, 2012
    Disney Parks Online Store

    Updated – Alice in Wonderland Series, Queen and King of Hearts, 3-inch/Vinylmation Jr. set (Edition Size 2500 / Retail: $ 24.95)
    July 15, 2012
    Disney Parks Online Store

    Updated – Popcorns 1 Series, Mickey Mouse Pie Eye Variant Edition (Edition Size: 5000/ Retail: $ 24.95)

  • I heard a few people did. I had two in my cart when it crashed. Had just gotten through entering info and hit “Complete Order” when the spinning Mickeys circled and circled and circled and circled….Sorry. Site still down at 3:31 am Central time.

    • Do you know anything about the Park Starz Figment??? Were people able to get that one too before the site went down? Because I don’t want to stay up just to find out when the site comes back that it’s sold out. Thanks.

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