Episode 080 Tomorrowland Space Suit

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Ep. 080 Tomorrowland Space Suit

In this episode we review all the news brought to us at the WDW Trade Night. Pixar, Park Starz, Comic Con, Park 9 and Popcorns all make headlines. We also have Annemarie stop by to give her two cents on the topics and talk about her latest custom. And of course we dive into your comments in the Mystery Mail Bag.

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Nick LoCicero

Nick LoCicero has almost 20 years experience in the media industry. He has worked on numerous Disney related media projects, most know at WDWNT for WDW News Tonight. He has been visiting Walt Disney World since 1982. After moving to Orlando in the late 90's he became a passholder, developed a fascination with the history of the vacation kingdom and has spent way too much money on park merchandise.


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  • regarding your comments about people buying more than 1 item…as someone who doesn’t live near the parks…. people buying these for ebay allow us to get items that we can’t get hold of as well as people picking items up for other collectors

    • It’s not the purchasing of extras that is troubling, it’s the purchasing of extras and then reselling them at an inflated price that hurts collectors, IMO.

      • I haven’t listen to the podcast yet, but I agree with Annemarie. If the sellers that bought their extras would put them on ebay as auctions and let the market set the price, I think fewer people would have a bad taste for this practice.

      • Exactly. or, pick up an extra and trade. most people picking these up for ebay aren’t collectors, they are sharks.

        • sadly because i live like a few hour drive away from wdw and dont have annual passes i cant go the parks that much. and yesterday i just bought tha abe copper variant off ebay. Truthfully, i cant stand auctioning on ebay so i just get “buy it now”s. and there are a lot of people who dont inflate the price and make just under the market price range.

  • With regards to your comment about supply and demand, its a double edge sword. Disney needs to produce enough variety of product to appeal to the masses, in order to fund smaller edition sizes of obscure characters. So although some stuff is made with collectors in mind, the majority of Vinylmation is targeted for the average everyday guests.
    For example, let’s say the average guest at Disney is a family of four. You have an adult male, adult female, young male and young female. Disney has to try to have enough product on the shelf to appeal to all four branches of this family, and that’s why series like Cutesters at the Beach, although not popular with collectors, is perfect for 25% of the possible target market (young girls). Cutesters at the Beach is a necessary evil to help keep Vinylmation profitable and allow for more risks of other characters that might flop.

    Another way for me to explain, is with sports. I collect mostly sports memorabilia and many companies are forced to make big names on large market teams, in order to get away with less profitable big names on small markets. For example, constantly making Derek Jeter, Tony Romo and Kobe Bryant figures brings in the casual buyer that raises the profit margins high enough, that in turns enables the company to take a chance on a figure that appeals to hardcore collectors like Hanley Ramirez, Maurice Jones Drew or Kevin Love.

  • Loved the idea of some Jawa Jr’s, but taking it one step forward… How about a Brave style set but with R2D2 & 3 Jawa Jr’s depicting the scene where R2 is captured by the Jawas. If you didn’t want R2 you could always choose another droid (R5D4) similar to the scene when the Jawa’s sell Luke & Uncle Owen the droids.

  • As much as i love vinylmation, i think its almost becoming a toy, this is my greatest concern

  • With the rise of internet marketing and social media you can make disney do something about the dumpster divers. If enough people complain several times on Facebook, twitter, email, etc. because it hurts the brand. They still might not do anything but it’s worth a shot. As for LE and prices I think they keep testing the waters especially how popular Disney Afternoon and certain 9″ ended up being.

    As for more releases I was disappointed at first because if you did not start from the very beginning you always felt like you had to catch up. I did not get everything when I first started but I am even more selective now. Which is why I agree with M.C about the positives, because now I love looking at collection pictures because they are different now, sucks for completists but you can customize your collection to what you really like. Which leads me to asking what happened with M.C posting collection.

  • Loved the podcast. You were very right about the Comic Con QR Codes. It was a PR nightmare.

    PS. I loved when Annemarie compared the Beast to Michael Bolton. I agree. The Beast with all his long glowing locks isn’t very attractive.

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