More Popcorns Shapes Appear

At the WDW Trade Event on Friday, Disney had an LE Dumbo Popcorns on display.

Dumbo is and edition size of 2500 and will be released before the official launch of the Popcorns product line.

Take a look at the side view. You can see the foot and a good look at the hat. I am absolutely enjoying these much more than I originally thought! I like that they all will have a unique shape instead of just one new mold. A close look around the box revealed to us a few future figures as well.

Donald Duck! I just really love the fun look of these. So much better than I imagined the others, besides the known Mickey, to look like.

There also seems to be a Pluto. Where the majority of the figure is the head with a collar at the base.

And a Chip ‘n Dale seem to be on the way as well. Of course, we already saw the Pie Eyed Black and White Mickey previewed online, but it was on display at the trade night as well.

This guy will release on July 15th at Comic Con as an online product. LE 5000, $24.95. I’m not saying I’ll grab them all, but I am very excited about this new twist on Vinylmation. They are all unique shapes while holding a similar feel. They are both fun and a piece of art at the same time. It’s always interesting to see an artist’s cartoonish interpretation on the Disney characters. We get this in so many other pieces of Disney merchandise, why not in vinyl collectible form? This product line is like Park Starz for Disney cartoon and movie characters. It allows the artists to express themselves outside of the Mickey mold and tell a story with shape and not just paint.

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