Park 9 Chaser and More

We now have a complete look at the Park 9 set due out July 13 (minus variants and combo topper). See our Park 9 Explained page for a full list. First off, click the image below to see the chaser.

The rumor was true and the figure does not disappoint. We also have a look at a possible variant. The rumor is the skyway, and it makes perfect sense. And in taking a look at the vinyl product shot…

and the pin…

We can see an almost certain variant already. The Tiki Mickey and fish figure was cleared up.

As some people commented, it is in fact a Disney Cruise Line piece. All in all we get 4 Walt Disney World representatives (2 Animal Kingdom, an MK and a Water Park).

1 is from Disney’s California Adventure. 1 represents Disneyland Paris. 1 represents the DCL. And in my mind, 5 represent multiple parks.

Disney’s website calls the Skyway DLR specific and Dapper Dans WDW specific, but unless there is slight differences in the vehicle or costume for each park, I think they could be found in more than one park. Overall, I love the look of this series. Dapper Dan and Camp Minnie and Mickey are some of my favorite park figs. The upside down bat is genius. Skyway is a perfect mold fit. More ride vehicles are a must. And the chaser may be the best Park series chaser of all-time.

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