Park 10 Explained

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Park 10 Explained
Release Date: July 11, 2012 at Disneyland Paris (no US release date yet)
Details: Park 10 is dedicated to all Disneyland Paris designs.

Update 7/26/12 Park 10 will be available at the Orlando and Anaheim D-Streets on August 3.
Update 7/19/12 Updated with HQ photos from @DLPWonderful.
Update 7/9/12 July 11 is the rumored released date for Park 10 at Disneyland Paris. No announcement of a US release date. This date comes 2 days before the US release of Park 9. @VM_Paris just put out this tweet: “Release date for #Vniylmation Park 10 is july 11th for #disneylandparis”


Big Thunder Mountain RailroadLike the Magic Kingdom train in Park 9, this version has a smoke stack on top of the head.


Aladdin’s Enchanted Passage

A really cool look to this one with Aladdin’s shadow at the bottom and the colorful stars in the ears.


Indiana Jones and the Temple of PerilA thrill ride in Adventureland at Disneyland Paris, this coaster takes guests on a journey through the world of Indiana Jones. The figure has a nice look to it with snakes in the ears.



Phantom Manor MayorThanks to my friend Adam over at for confirming this one. This guy is found inside the Disneyland Paris equivalent to the Haunted Mansion and removes his head as guests pass by. Can anyone confirm the internet rumor I found that his head is or is modeled after Dreamfinder from Journey Into Imagination? It does resemble him.



OrbitronThere are many rides like this throughout the various Tommorowland’s at the Disney parks. It is a high flying orbiting attraction similar to WDW’s Astro Orbiter.



Tower of TerrorOpened in 2007, Paris’s La Tour de la Terreur is located in the Walt Disney Studios Park.  It is nearly identical to the TOT building at Disney’s California Adventure, except for minor differences in interior room locations and the Paris version is a half meter taller. At 183 feet, it is the second tallest attraction at DLP (Big Thunder Mountain is 197 feet). The figure itself is a more literal interpretation of the Tower of Terror than we have seen in the past.


Toy Soldiers Parachute DropOne of the newer rides in Paris it is located in the Walt Disney Studios Park. The design is just a perfect fit with the parachute taking up Mickey’s head, then the base of the ride taking up the body.



Moteurs… Action Stunt Show SpectacularLocated in Walt Disney Studios Park, this was the original, before it was brought to Orlando’s DHS. This is a brilliant use of mold here. Putting the car on the head like it is jumping the flames below… simply perfect.



It’s a Small WorldA colorful representation of an attraction seen in all the Disney parks, the artist chooses the sun as the focal point with some of the flags and shrubbery. More of a representation than a part of the ride.



Skull RockThis cave can be found in the Adventure Isle part of Adventureland. Guests can venture inside and look out through the giant eyes. The artist did a great job of representing both the rock skull and the water below.



Swiss Family Tree HouseLa Cabane des Robinson looms high over the Disneyland Paris park, and this colorful looking figure seems to take it’s design cues from concept art such as this sign. It is a more idealistic look at the tree house than any real picture of it I can find.



Mystery Chaser

Click image to reveal the chaser.

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  • Say, the front row left greatly reminds me of the rocket design for DLP’s Space Mountain. Or is it Oribitron? … Maybe that’s what it’s suppose to be?

  • That being said, wow! P10 is a pretty well rounded set, better than P9 in fact. I wonder if it will be a successful series in the states though.

  • :-(
    Finally a PARK SERIES that I can take a pass on, thus freeing up room in the display curio for future series.

  • Instead of small world – Alice’s Labrynth maybe?

    And I think maybe orbitron as well.

    These look pretty sweet! I’d be curious to see what the front of Tower looks like!

    • Actually Phillip, from what we could understand, it’s actually part of a special reveal at DLP for their anniversary celebration. So more of an official reveal then a leak. :)

      • Wow that’s pretty cool then. Are the rumors true that these will be released the same time as park 9?

  • Can’t believe I finally predicted something in the world of vinyls. Nice set, doubt I’ll get much though.

  • So to be clear, this will be a worldwide release like all the other previous releases? Sounds obvious, but Disney doesn’t always adhere to that rule. ;-)

  • I hope Park 9 and Park 10 can be sold in the US at the same time. Really don’t want to be at WDW this August and only be able to buy DLP figures. Although nice designs, I wouldn’t buy any of these figures.

    • I’m going in a limbo period. Park 8 is on sale and Park 9 is for July. I’m still excited to go in 9 days, but it’s gonna stink if there’s no unexpected early release of Park 9. Enjoy any park series you get haha.

  • This looks like a fantastic set. Tower of Terror, Cave of Wonders, It’s a Small World, and Skull Rock all look great.

  • Even if this were for some blue moon reason released only there, I’d buy the plane ticket, go over and buy a box, turn around and walk out. Just for that Indy figure.

    • Well if that’s all you’re gonna do, send me and I’ll get ya one :) (Plus enjoy the park)

  • I want a 9in green dragon form under the castle or that baseball guy on main street with a bat

  • I’m going to pass. Maybe they should make Park sets that are only sold at the location the Vinylmation’s are based on.

    • I don’t think they could be called park sets then because every other series would have been released at all parks. It would be awfully odd for someone to have complete park sets from 1-9 and then 11 and beyond because they couldn’t afford a ticket to DLP.

  • It’s weird to me that the main hangup that people have is that the set is Paris specific, even though many of the designs stand on their own outside of that context. If that Tower Of Terror or Skull Rock had been in any other park series, everyone would have been talking about how awesome they are.

    I think this set is up there with Park 4 and 7 as the best park sets ever.

  • I can’t wait, but since I’m from the UK & have been to dlp that does make them have a stronger connection. why shouldn’t we have a park series, vinylmation isn’t just for Americans. Dlp is visited by millions of visitors a year, and most of the vinyls in this set also apply to most parks anyway. I also hope dlp have them for a few months before they go to dstreet which I’m sure they will.

  • I only have a Park 4 box here that says on the bottom that the Park Series are “12 different designs of the Disneyland resort, Walt Disney Resort and Disney Cruise Line Ship icons.” If these are “Park” figures are they going to change that description? Don’t get me wrong — the designs are very nice, and Euro Disney has needed their own set, BUT I still think each specific park location should get specific Park sets. Don’t call them “Park” anymore, but a name more specific to the location. Either that or start mixing up locations in every park series.

    • Doing away with the “Park” series would be a bad thing (not as bad as doing away w/the OLD mold, but close). I do agree they need to mix the series up more. Each series SHOULD have a couple Vinylmation from WDW, DLR, DCL, DLRP, even throw in a couple of HKDL and TDL. Give the international vinyls the flavor of their country of origin’s artists’. Wouldn’t it be cool to have a Japanese Sushi guy or ETO vinyl inserted in a Park series or blind box a HKDL Dumbo? Mix it up. If Disney would do that, it could promote trading between collectors around the world. They just need to stop doing dedicated Park series for sure!

      • We had so much to talk about this week, but I can not wait to tackle this Park topic on next week’s podcast. The Park series is the best thing about Vinylmation. They are the best souvenirs specific to the parks we can take home with us. It’s odd to me how territorial Disney fans can be. I’m a fan of Disney. Sure I love WDW better than the rest, but I enjoy the history and variety of the Disney parks. I haven’t even been to any overseas park, but I am so excited to pick up figures representing those parks. And to dedicate sets during milestone years to certain parks… love it.

  • It s been ages since i ve been waiting for a whole series dedicated to france i love it a real tribute to our awesome individualities brilliant set

  • The first picture is mine, I was the first to buy and to reveal the chase. But there are some mistakes on the explanation. The Aladdin figure is not from The Storybookland but from the walktrough “Le Passage Enchanté d’Aladdin” and the steam train is not from the Railroad but represent the french version of Big Thunder Mountain.

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