Rhino rolls out of D-Streets

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Today we stood in line for 7 hours to pick out this cute furry guy from the D-Street in Orlando. Word is that in California they have been waiting since midnight and they are already out of the first stock and are waiting for the next one.

Tell us about your experiences getting Rhino.

We also got this pic of the store before the change out. Looks like the topper, Roger, and the Land are ready for next week.

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  • They sold out before I got there around noon. Its rumored wdw only got 390.and some are reserved for online?

  • I was at WDW D-Street as well. I got there around 8:30am and was about 50th in line. One of the managers walked the line around 10:00am and commented they only received 300 and that you could only get 2 per guest. I actually got into D-Street at 11:15am, they only allowed 10 people in the store at a time. Got my 2 Rhino and went on my way.

  • The 1000 Rhino’s were split pretty evenly between both D-Streets and Online. WDW D-Street sold out at exactly noon. My one beef with “viny collectors” is while there is criticism of Disney upholding rules and regulations of this and that, the collectors are notorious for breaking them. Everybody was told 2 per guest and yet, a good amount of the early birds jumped right back into line. When they were caught by Dstreet staff, they intensely argued they were not there or only bought one. Things like this hurt the overall appeal of the hobby. A majority of the line left without a Rhino never had a chance to get 1 while some walked away with 4.

    • The early birds that jumped back into line and ended up with 4 are not ‘vinyl collectors’. It is obvious what they are – you only have to look at what is for sale on ebay and how many some sellers have to sell!

      As you say, things like that do hurt the overall appeal of the hobby as a lot of proper collectors did what they were told and lined up relatively early and ended up with NOTHING!

      • I think the last people who were able to buy Rhino said they got in line at 10am. So at least everybody that lined up early early were you able to get one.

        • We were there at about 10am as well and we did not get any. There was a group of 6 people in front of us that had bags of rhinos when they heard that they were turning people away that had already bought some they sent one person away with the bags. I was happy that the line never made it to them again but unfortunately it didn’t make it to us either. We just wanted one, not to sell just to have but my girlfriend left very sad and it ruined most of the rest of the trip since that is how it started :-(((( people like that do kill the spirit of it and make us want to find something else to collect

  • Sorry for the rant, I’m sure nobody on this site were culprits. I enjoy reading this site because everybody on here seems to enjoy collecting for the joy of it and not so much making it a sport like others.

  • Don’t feed the beasts.
    No matter how much I want any of these sets, I refuse to purchase them at the outrageous prices that these eBay sellers are wanting for them.
    … Then again, it’s not their fault. Demand is there. On most of these items, the bids start at relatively normal prices, and are worked up from there by bidders. (Except for those wanting $130+ BINs. Now THAT’S Absurd.)

  • Wow, 7 hours for that vinyl. To each their own. Have to beat the resellers. That crowd gets bigger with every LE release.

    • To be fair, half of it is for the chance to play Apples to Apples with friends. :)

  • I got confirmation from cast members and management at D-Street in Orlando that Rhino sold out at 12 noon.

  • I got in line at 0800 and was in the store by 1100. It would have been kind of Disney to open the store early to get the line moving as regular shoppers were turned away at the door, unless they wanted to wait in the line. One couple with a infant in a stroller actually asked if the infant could get 2 Rhinos…..they were told that the infant needed his own form of payment……seriously. I had a good laugh over that one !

    • I’m glad to hear they are cracking down on that practice of parents bringing their children who can also “buy” two of the LE figures.

    • There are many things operationally that prevent D-Street from opening before 10:30. If it were possible to have opened earlier, they would have done it on Friday. It has gotten out of hand with parents bringing in children and infants in order to purchase more. I 100% agree with Disney not allowing guests who are unable to provide payment to purchase these limited editions. Can you honestly say an infant has any idea what Rhino or even Vinylmation is?

  • If they just made the rules say 2 “per family” it would cut out the people getting their kids to buy extras.

    • Yeah – but how do you define ‘family’ – lets face it the people that queue up with their infant in a stroller and ask if they get two, will be the ones that get in line seperately under this sort of rule so Dad will get two and Mum will get two.

      Same with the ebay sellers that (I believe) some ended up with 12 Rhino’s – they will just split up in line and get their two each regardless.

      The only thing that Disney can do is set a maximum per person (but not infants!) and police the lines at releases so that people don’t get back in the queue after getting their allotted vinyl’s.

      As long as the resale price of LE vinyls is skyhigh, there will always be a way for non-collectors to profit off these sort of releases – shame.

      • I really think that WDW should bracelet people and then cut them off at the door or after the purchase. That would stop the line jumping for more purchases.

        • That’s a good way to do it, but it doesn’t seem like we bracelet here in Florida.

      • Yeah. Although making each individual pay separately is a good start. Nick and I tried to by our together to make it easier and they wouldn’t let us. But that is fine if they continue that for families too. Plus it reinforces that children can’t get their own, because they would have to pay!

    • What does it say about your parenting skills if you bring an infant to a line for 4 hours?

  • I also heard D-Street Orlando will no longer allow guests to bring folding chairs on property! If this is true, it is very sad. Besides talking with the community of Disney fans, one of the major things that makes these releases fun is sitting around, playing games and chatting with friends. The chairs make this infinitely more comfortable. Come on Disney, we are there to hand you some money, leave us with this little comfort. I understand asking us to pack it up 15 minutes before open and not bring the chairs inside the store like they did, but an outright ban will hurt (my feet).

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