Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Annemarie

Annemarie just sent us pictures of her latest custom. It is designed after the boy from La Luna, the new Pixar short that plays before Brave.

Destination Vinylmation: What was it about this character that made you run home after watching La Luna and create him in Vinylmation form?
Annemarie: I may have a sickness, because the first thing I thought when I saw the character was that he’d fit perfectly on a Vinylmation.

Photo Copyright Disney Pixar

DV: Was this design fairly straightforward or did you got through some different options in your head?
AM: He was pretty straightforward. I knew I wanted to capture his expression in the moment where he saw the moon up close. I originally planned to use a Director Mickey hat for his hat, but it didn’t look quite right and would have needed a brim anyway, so I decided to sculpt him his own special hat.

DV: What did you personally take away from this Pixar short?
AM: This short, as all Pixar shorts are, was beautiful. I loved its simplicity.

DV: What is your favorite Pixar short of all-time?
AM: I’ve always loved Geri’s Game the best. Not sure why, I just think the expressions are priceless.

Photo Copyright Disney Pixar
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