2012 Halloween Vinyls

Update: 08/21 Steven Miller commented on blog about price and release date. Thanks to Andrea for noticing!

Disney has unveiled it’s Halloween merchandise for the fall of 2012 and some Vinylmation showed up in the mix.

These two vinyls were posted on the Disney Parks Blog. No release date given, but it seems like September is the norm for the Halloween figures. Scheduled release date: September 21st and WDW and DLR. Scheduled price is $16.95. (see screen capture at bottom) The one on the left looks great. A stack of four carved pumpkins with the top one looking like Mickey. The arms are a clear green with vines painted onto them. The Minnie Mouse on the right is dressed in her Trick or Treat costume complete with pointed hat. This look replicates her style on the main 2012 Halloween merchandise. Some other non-vinyl products also caught my eye…

This design is incredible! I will be dropping some hard earned cash on merchandise that features this twisted take on the creepy wallpaper from the Haunted Mansion.

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