Adam Roth’s 8/18/12 WDW Photo Report

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WDWNT’s diligent reporter Adam Roth was on the scene at Walt Disney World this weekend, visiting Epcot and the Magic Kingdom. Adam took a number of newsworthy photos on his trip, so let’s take a look at what’s new and exciting:

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Art of disney at Epcot recently was refurbished and is now open once again, now featuring the Castle Collection merchandise

Looks like they just cleaned up the place a bit

They did rearrange some shelves

Work continues to prepare a new entrance at the Seas with Nemo and Friends

This new wave awning replaces the plain umbrellas that had been here

Work continues on a new entrance, presumed to be a new queue for Turtle Talk with Crush

Work continues on what we believe is a DVC booth near Canada

Bistro De Paris is gone…

It will be replaced with a new restaurant from the same company after 30 years at Epcot

The bakery is also being expanded

Construction walls up inside the shop next door

Food and Wine Festival preparations underway

No more Vanity Fair, now the sponsor is Chase

Nice to know that the new patio at Tutto Italia can be enclosed in bad weather

This fountain outside of La Hacienda has been like this for months…

The new exhibit inside the Mexico pavilion seems to be just about finished

Donald was meeting guests inside

The Cool Wash by Test Track is still behind walls

Work continues on Test Track

Heading over to the Magic Kingdom, we can see Grand Floridian DVC construction


It now advertises the home video release of the film

It turned into a nice day

The Country Bear Jamboree is closing for a few months this week

Some people seem convinced the show will be shortened and some songs will be removed

Shaker says “Probably not”

Trixie would be sad…

Gomer is befuddled

Some people think Big Al will be cut… yeah, OK…

The Yankee Trader is now behind tarps as work continues on the new path and restrooms in Fantasyland

Next-gen FASTPASS looks ready to go at the Haunted Mansion

The store is open during this

A strange structure has risen on the Skyway site which makes these people angry at each-other…

Chubby Moonliner?

I’m not sure what that is supposed to be

Next-gen FASTPASS installed at Peter Pan as well

People like to lean on things

The castle walls are nearing completion

Seven Dwarf’s Mine Train construction

Work continues on Princess Fairytale Hall

Caught someone picking their nose… fantastic!

Just like in the concept art, Prince Eric’s castle is visible just over the mountain

Next-Gen FASTPASS at Winnie the Pooh

More grass appearing on the roof of Under the Sea: Journey of the Little Mermaid

Big Top Souvenirs

Next-Gen FASTPASS installed here as well

The presumed Humphrey the Bear counter service location through the trees

Looks like a sign will be installed soon

Another look at the roof grass…

Work continues on the Tomorrowland bridge

And the old Swan Boats dock

Infrastructure for the eventual move to RFID tickets is being installed at the Magic Kingdom entrance

Another look at Grand Floridian construction

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These are great. And I love your commentary. Thanks!


Do you think that Disney will showing how all of this was built after all of it is up on tv or some sort of special about the new Fantasyland?. It would be very cool to see just how it was all put together and built.


Going down in october and can't wait to see all of the new stuff that has been done.

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The photo "Gomer is befuddled" made my day. Gotta love Disney humor! I'll be visiting the World in about two weeks and I can't wait to see these changes for myself. I wish I could see them completed but I don't mind looking at the beautiful progress. The video Disney released about the Belle section of new Fantasyland was amazing. Disney definitely did this right. Can't wait to see the visitor's reactions!


Great photos of the castle, especially the first two. Is that real grass on Journey of the Little Mermaid? I wouldn't want to be the person mowing it! The gateway to backstage next the Little Mermaid will have to be themed – perhaps faux stone doors? I think some fancy hording or trees in front of the mine train would be good once the Fantasyland Expansion is open – promote the forest theme of the area. Of course, it would make taking progress photos harder :)


Love the updates! Especially the nose picker, cracked me up.

Question about the Little Mermaid Grassy area, is that supposed to look like sand by it? It looks bizarre and more like snow, just wondering if it looks better in person. Or if it looks like they aren't quite finished on it yet? Any info is much appreciated! Thanks!


I think the bits of white are grass patches that have yet to be covered with grass. Looks like they're still filling it in :)


I always love and look forward to these photo reports. We just returned from our Disney trip on Wednesday… I just found us in the background in one of your photos! I'm Sooooooooooo excited!

Iris Jones
Iris Jones

haha, your comments and observations were funny today.
By the by, I don't think that guy was picking his nose, I think he was biting his nail. Look again ;)

Javier Garcia
Javier Garcia

I just went. Everything feels fresh. I reminded me of old Disney. Going up again in December. Cant wait.

Mrs. Schimmelstein
Mrs. Schimmelstein

Sorry but that guy was NOT picking his nose, he was biting his forefinger nail. Just sayin', hehe