Collector’s Corner: Brandon “TheVinylGuy” Balasco


Name: Brandon “TheVinylGuy” Balasco (Age 14)

Hometown: Originally from Rhode Island but I live in Tampa, FL

Collection Count: 550

3″ = 497

9″ = 31

Jrs = 6

Park Starz = 16

Customs = 6


How long have you been collecting?

I’ve been collecting since the day before D-Street Florida opened (April 15,2010)


What is your favorite figure that you own?

There’s too many to choose from! I can’t really pick! But I do LOVE the Park line! I hate Urban lol besides select few!

What is your favorite figure that you don’t own? 

I really love the 9″/3″ Test Track, the 9″/3″ Watching You (Haunted Mansion Wallpaper), and Urban 1 Oopsy!

Which of these is the best feeling: Pulling a figure you want… from a blind box you just purchased, from a great trade with another collector, from a mystery trading box at the park or from a clear trading box?

Best Feeling- when i finally get a certain design that I’ve always wanted!

Now this display case is not your ordinary display case! It Rotates, lights up and has a lock so know one can steal them! My dad and I found this at a Flea Market for 15.00$. It was originally a Lorus Watch Display Case, but I restored it myself and made it a Vinylmation Display!

This was signed by Bella Thorne! If you don’t know what she is from, she is on the hit show on Disney Channel called !Shake It Up!

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