Release Day: Friday, August 3, 2012

Today Park 10, the Disneyland Paris themed set releases at both stateside D-Streets.

Does this set appeal to collectors in the US? I love the designs even though I have never been to DLP. It is also fun to have another Park set out just months after the last one. Check out Park 10 explained for more info.

Release day was not without surprises. Remember that Urban 8 online exclusive Monster and Archaeologist? It finally released today for $74.95. It is an LE 1500. Wow, a bit high on the edition size there. Best bet would be to wait for this one to be part of a 2 for $50 deal.

The LE 1000 Urban 8 Toilet Paper and Kid combo also released online. This one of course had previously been available at D-Streets before moving down I-4 to the outlets for about $20.

The Japan Geisha Minnie also released today. This figure is the last installment in the “Magic Around the World” releases at select US Disney Stores and will retail for $9.95. Interestingly enough, we finally (from a random comment on the Disney Parks Blog) know where these are actually getting released. Only the New York Times Square, SF Stockton St., Chicago Michigan Ave and Burbank, CA stores are getting these releases. 
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Konrad Neumann (@VinylKonrad)

Park 10 will appeal to anyone who loves Disney imho. or at least disney nerds. I may not have a “personal” connection to them like i do Ft Wilderness Mickey, but it’s still a worthy get

7 years ago

The issue with Park 10 is NOT that they are from Paris, plenty of these Vinylmations are broad enough to be from several parks. The issue is that the designs are just not as exciting as the past few Park sets. There are NO variants, NO accessories, and literally NO characters (they are all location based). This makes the set less appealing in my opinion. Compared to Park 9, which was an AMAZING set, it really pales in comparison. The designs are GOOD for what they are representing, it’s not the fault of the artists, just not as exciting as… Read more »

7 years ago
Reply to  RandomGuy

The Phantom Manor Mayor is a character, and so is the Cave of Wonders.

I like Park 10 just because it’s something different. The lack of any accessories is kind of a bummer, but in my opinion, it’s way better than Park 8 or 9, which were both mediocre uninspired series, with a couple exceptions. I’ve never even been to DLP, but I like Park 10 quite a bit.

Brad B
Brad B
7 years ago

I give this set 2 thumbs up! It’s will look GREAT displayed as a set/series. Most people that collect entire sets display the set as a group. Some groups looks great together (ie. P2, P5, Park Starz,etc) and others just look “Blah” (ie P3, P8, etc). All the Park sets have great figures, some more than others, but I like Park 10 because there is such a wide variety of colors and different designs. I would gladly give up a P9 Fruit Bat for ANY P10 design. The only weaknesses of this set are the chaser is a little bland… Read more »

7 years ago

SF didnt get the minnies yet ):

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