Cinderella’s Blu-Ray & Vinyl Ball

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Update 09/12/12 We snapped some pictures of the 9″ Cinderella Castle and 3″ Prince Charming at Mickey’s Circus. We also learned of a September 17 Disney Store release. The price of the 9″ is $59.95 and was designed by Gerald Mendez. The price of the 7 figure pack is $69.95 and was designed by Ignacio Rodriguez.

On October 2nd, the Disney animated classic Cinderella goes Hi-Def when the Diamond Edition Blu-Ray combo pack is released.

To commemorate the re-released of one of Disney’s treasured films, the Disney Store will also release some (presumably LE) Vinylmation on October 2nd. A big thank you to Vinylmation Kingdom for unearthing this info. The first figure is a 9″ that will retail for $59.95.

The figure depicts Cinderella’s castle in a very animated style. Even in this grainy photo we can tell the colors and artwork are beautiful. The castle steps lead down toward the feet with the glass slipper sitting on them with sparkles all around. The packaging itself add to the collectability of this piece. A blue box with stars and what looks to be Cinderella’s coach at the top. Next, is a set of Vinylmation.

This 7 figure set includes five 3″ figures and two Juniors. Depicted here are:

Cinderella: Dressed in her ball gown with stars in her ears as well as a glass slipper. All of these figures take on a slightly exaggerated cartoonish style that the Disney Store artists seem to prefer over the more true to the animation style the Disney Design Group artists strive for. It’s not a good or bad thing… it’s just a style and a matter of preference. I still would love to see Thomas Scott take on the princesses, but this one is done beautifully. As with Rapunzel from the 25th Anniversary set, Cinderella’s hair is used to frame her face, keeping her face from appearing chubby.

Prince Charming: He is all dressed in his best clothes for the ball and boy is he happy! And why not? He just found the foot that fits the glass slipper… WHICH IS A HOLDABLE ACCESSORY!!! That is by far the best part of this set for me. Very cool idea.

The Fairy Godmother: This is our second version (Animation 1) and as described above, this is a more cartoonish as opposed to true to animation approach. This one also has a wand. Her ears have stars, with the left one also having an outline of the castle.

Jaq and Gus: A brilliant idea to make the two mice Jr figures. Especially with the detail artists can put on these 1.5″ figures now. They both look great with a ton of character in their tiny faces.

Anastasia and Drizella: Cinderella’s stepsisters are chosen without their mother Lady Tremaine. This is a commendable decision given that Lady Tremaine can already be found in the Villains 2 series. Their design looks good… evil and mean… just what the artist was going for.

The Disney Store has now given us another classic princess. What are your thoughts? Here is the trailer to get you ready for the big release.

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  • these all look phenomenal! do we know, yet, if they’ll be exclusively IN disney stores, only on-line, or both??

  • That 9″ Castle is amazing!! I only have a few 9″ in my collection, but will be adding this one for sure.

    The idea of the combo pack with 3″ and Jrs looks like an idea from the “Toy Dept” design group. Don’t know that I really like the idea of so many vinyls in one package. Seems more like a playset than a collectible set. Other than a few 2 pack combos or the new 3 packs, we have always chased or bloxed our way to a series/set of this size. At $70, it’s like Disney giving up on a chase for us and just saying, “We know your going to get the entire set of 7, just go ahead and give us your money so we can save all that extra packaging.” Is this a one time shot or are we going to start to see lots of character sets?

    • i actually have to disagree with you a little on their intentions. the cost of packaging is far far less i’m sure than the price people eventually pay by bloxing a set. if you were to try and blox these, you would probably be paying around $100 due to repeats. i think given the commemorative nature of the set, and that they didn’t want to do an entire series is what lead them to doing the playset-like packaging.

      • Sure, I agree packing is less ($) and one may spend more to blox a set, but this set just reminds me of the themed toysets that you can buy for $13.95+ from the Disney Park stores. The figures in those sets are somewhat smaller than vinyls and some even have detailed paint jobs, but the packaging just reminds me so much of those toy playsets thus it’s hard to justify paying $50 more for the vinyl set.

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