Spotlight On: Evilos’s Blind Bag Series 3

Evilos’s popular Blind Bag Series is back for a third series! We recently talked to Evilos about what to expect and how and when you can purchase your blind bag.

Destination Vinylmation: What is the Blind Bag Series all about?
Evilos: First, thank you for giving me the opportunity to talk about my latest project! It’s sites like yours that bring content most collectors would never get to read about to the Vinylmation community.

The Blind Bag Series is all about creativity, excitement and mystery! Creativity in the way of one of a kind customs by 21 artists from all walks of life. The artists were more than happy to donate customs to the project and tasked to create holiday themed customs for series three. The customs that have been sent in have blown me away.  Artists have really raised the bar this series.  I’m very proud to have them as a part of Blind Bags Series 3. We will be having a “Best Of Show” event that fans will vote on their favorite custom of the series. The winner will receive a Custom Evilos Trophy proclaiming that artist, “Blind Bags Artist of the Year”.

Artists will also be entered into their own separate raffle to win great prizes like figures and gift cards, just like we did last year, to say thanks for being a part of this project. The greatest joy for me is to give exposure to these great artists that may never get a unique spotlight to display their talents on this level. Blind Bags provides that outlet to them and many commissions have come out of being a part of my series.

Excitement is brought about in the way of cool prizes and side inserts like “The Puzzle Challenge”, which collectors will be challenged to complete a 12 piece puzzle. Each Blind Bags Series 3 box will contain one puzzle piece. There will be a total of 8 complete puzzles.  All the complete puzzles will have the same image making it possible to complete with some effort. Collectors will have the challenging task of collecting all twelve pieces to redeem a prize through buying, selling and trading for pieces. The first collector to send in a complete puzzle will win an Urban 1 complete set with cards. There will be seven other prizes for each completed puzzle sent in including 9″ one of a kind customs and other prizes such as gift cards to the Disney Store.

The mystery of not knowing what each box may contain in terms of figures and prizes makes Blind Bags even more exciting. There will be cool inserts from my personal collection like Park 1’s, Chasers, Variants and other various figures from retired series. There will be many great one of a kind customs including:  9″ customs from John Ward, Javier Soto, Evilos & Gerald Mendez. Blind Bags Series 3 offers a fan something very unique to this hobby, which at this time has not been offered anywhere else. It’s truly the dream product for any Vinylmation fan!

DV: What can people expect from BB3?
Evilos: Each box will have 5 figures, which will include 1 Custom & 4 Random Figures, One puzzle piece, One promo pack of artist business cards that may contain other “Prizes” such as pins or gift cards. What will you get?

DV: How much does a blind bag cost?
Evilos: Price: $100 (USA) Shipping Included

DV: How and when can people purchase a bag?
Evilos: Boxes will be sold Friday September 21st @ 9am (PST)/ 12noon (EST) on the Blind Bags 3 website. There will be a strict limit of two boxes per address. These will sell out fast!


Gerald Mendez
Javier Soto
NRB Relic ‎(Nanette Simard Belgen)
Gemma Steib
Cesilie Keller
Mark J Hoffmann
Dillia Gregory
Jenny Grinsell
Howie Green
Ken Rogers
John Ward
Aaralyn Montgomery
Ben Hudson
Cesar Diaz
Celeste Villanueva
Mark Johhson
Roger Evetts
Dylan Pommer
Panoboard Customs
Jerry Sinner
Josh Edwards
Evilos (Christopher Avalos)

You can find more info about Evilos at and view and purchase his work at his eBay store.

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