Jingle Smells 2

Update 10/17/12 These four figures will be release on October 22nd at Disney Stores as expected, however the D-Streets release will wait until November 9.
Update 10/2/12 Donald Duck and Goofy Jingle Smells 2 are previewed on the Vinylmation Blog along with the Mickey and Minnie we already saw at Mickey’s Circus.

Check out the accessories! Mickey has a gingerbread cookie with a missing bite and Minnie has a pie. The arm that holds the pie seems to be a different arm they can use when then don’t want the cupped hand.

And like the first series, there is an ornament top on the heads. The will be a four piece set designed by Maria Clapsis. It will be available in both D-Street and Disney Stores on October 22. They will be $12.95 each.

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