Video & Analysis: Over 5 Minutes of the Original Country Bear Jamboree Removed

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The Country Bear Jamboree returned to operation at the Magic Kingdom on October 17th following a 2 month refurbishment. As expected, all of the lighting, audio, and audio-animatronics were upgraded or fixed and all of the technical aspects of the attraction are working and looking better than ever. However, rumors of cuts in the show to make it shorter and increase the theoretical hourly capacity also came to fruition. We have video of the show to share with you so you can see the multiple songs, verses and lines fo dialogies cut from the show:

For those either unfamiliar with the show or in case you forgot what the show formerly was, I have compiled a list of everything that has been removed:

Opening and Pianjo
Buff: “We can’t hang around here all day”
Max: “Takes a little doin’ to set these things up”
Henry: OK, OK boys, take it easy, take it easy, now we’re ready to start. Sorry folks, I’ll be right with you. (Clears throat)”
Henry: “But enough of this chat chat, yak-yak, and flim-flam. Just refrain from hibernatin’ (laugh), and we’ll all enjoy the show because we’ve got a lot to give.”
(Several seconds of Pianjo number cut)

Bear Band Serenade with Five Bear Rugs
Henry: “Plus Gomer” (When introducing Five Bear Rugs number)
(One verse of “One sure thing the bear band’s got is real old country rhythm” cut)

Fractured Folk Song by Henry and Wendell
Song completely removed from show

If Ya’ Can’t Bite, Don’t Growl (Moved up in the show)
No cuts

My Woman Ain’t Pretty by Liverlips McGrowl
No cuts

Mama Don’t Whup Little Buford by Henry and Wendell
No cuts

Tears Will Be The Chaser For Your Wine by Trixie
Henry: “A little bit of ever-lovin’ cuddlesome fluff”
Henry: “Beautiful, beautiful. That was a mighty big song Trixie.”
Trixie: “Oh thank ya’ Henry (giggles)”
Buff: “That sure ain’t all that’s big”
Max: “Well, you’re no lightweight yourself Buff.”
Henry: “Boys, boys, watch your manners.”
Melvin: “Yeah, if you can’t say somethin’ nice…”
Henry: “Now boys, boys, ok now boys if you just stop carrying on like, we just might dedicate this next song to ya’ll. And we so dedicate.”

Devilish Mary performed by Five Bear Rugs
Song completely removed from show

How Long Will My Baby Be Gone performed by Shaker
No cuts

All The Guys That Turn Me On Turn Me Down by Bunny, Bubbles, and Beulah
Repetition of “Nothing ever seems to work for me” at end of number

Heart We Did All That We Could by Teddi Barra
Henry: “Swing it teddy!”
Max: “Wow, here she comes”
Buff: (Whistling)

Blood On The Saddle by Big Al
No cuts

The Ballad of Davy Crockett performed by Henry and Sammy
No cuts

Ole Slew Foot By All Bears
Opening verse removed

Exit and We Hope That You’ll Be Comin’ Back Again
Henry: “And bear around to see us again”
Several lines of “We Hope That You’ll Be Comin’ Back Again” removed including spoke dialogue like “We had such fun but don’t you cry” & “We just can’t bear to say goodbye”

Luckily we have video of the original show that you can still enjoy:

So, what do you think of the changes to the Country Bear Jamboree? Good, bad, or a little bit of both?

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Well I never really enjoyed the attraction anyway so…