2013 Poster Series Release Dates… Maybe?

Disney announced something… I know that’s not specific but here are the details. According to the events calender on vinylmation.com there will be a release of a “2013 Series – 3-inch figure (Open Edition / Retail: $12.95)” on December 28th at D-Streets. They also have a January 11th release of a similar figure for the online Disney Store. We are assuming that means this is the first (and maybe second) release of the 13 2013 Poster figures we saw at Mickey’s Circus (seen above). Only, at Mickey’s Circus, they said there would be a limited edition of 2013 for each figure, not open edition like the website says. Maybe the website meant open box. We’ll follow up and give out more information as it becomes available. 
Right now the events page is full of mistakes. They can’t even spell December correctly.