Say Aloha New Vinylmation!

A few news and notes out of Hawaii. The release date for the Aulani figures we saw previewed at Mickey’s Circus have appeared on Disney’s Events page. Disney has two figures listed and call them both “Minnie” but we are going to assume one is supposed to be “Mickey.” A misprint is a safe assumption since they also say “open edition” with an LE number of 1,500 right next to it AND a price tag of $24.95 which is ridiculous for a 3 inch figure. They also list them under the “Disneyland” section, but we believe they are an Aulani Resort in Hawaii specific (again, based on info given to us at Mickey’s Circus). AND, one more caveat, Aulani is a DVC resort so we are not sure if you must show your DVC membership or not to purchase these. Ok, enough explaining… here is what they look like…

We have also seen pictures from various sources of a wonderful 3″ Minnie Mouse with a grass skirt accessory.

As you can see, she comes in a beautiful Hawaii themed tin. It seems this figure was unceremoniously released on October 29, 2012 and is only available at the Ala Moana Shopping Center Mall on Oahu, Hawaii.