Episode 099 Carousel of Progress John

Ep. 099 Carousel of Progress John

This week we give a run down of all the new January release dates just announced. We also let you know all about the merchandise and trading activities for the December 6th New Fantasyland Grand Opening. We also have an in-depth discussion on the Disney Store Online fire sales.

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7 years ago

Great show once again guys… regarding the sale items, i gotta admit i was very annoyed with the popcorn $5 sale and as you guys said, gotta change habits, buying anything that is open edition that isn’t very popular or low LE, isn’t worth doing unless you really want it. I’m really changing my plan from now on, buy what I like and be more selective…too many items nowadays. trading/selling seems to have changed recently and not for the better… I do disagree about putting things online like Alien 3 pack, as someone not near the pack, having access to… Read more »