Finally, Furry Friends 2

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After a long time of speculation and no comments by Disney, a photo of a tray of the second series of Furry Friends was leaked onto the Facebook site Vinylmation Exchange.

There is one change, the name. Series 2 will be called Whiskers & Tails. Vinylmation Kingdom reports that Disney Store Cast Members are pointing to January 21 as the release date. Now let’s see what we can gather from the box art. First, it looks like the figures will follow in their predecessor’s wake with specially crafted arms that look like paws. I’m sure all the custom artists have been looking for these for a while and will be happy to know they are back (I know I have been looking for over a year for a personal present). Other sites are also reporting that because of the size of the tray, we can expect the cool packaging from Furry Friends 1 (a 2012 DeeVee nominee for Best Packaging.)

Based on the box art we also know the 11 non mystery figures:

Lucky, from 101 Dalmations. Soon we will have all 101 represented!

Lucifer, from Cinderella. Looks pure evil.

Lambert, the sheepish lion. “Yes! Finally. There was a pin of him at Mickey’s Circus that I really wanted and now there’s a Vinylmation! I will be coming for that one, you bet ya.” – M.C.

Bolt, from Bolt. We already had a 9″ version but it’s great to see a 3″.

Figaro, from Pinocchio. Perfect. Many people felt this was one of the most obviously absent figure from Furry Friends.

Nana, from Peter Pan. It also looks like Nana’s long face will be spread over the head and the top of the body. Well done the artist.

Lady, from Lady and the Tramp. This is a great pairing for those who managed to get a Tramp from Furry Friends.

Flower, from Bambi. Another good choice. Although we’ve already seen one as part of Animation 2. When do we get a Thumper?

Dinah, from Alice in Wonderland. There was already one as the chaser from the Alice series, but I think this one looks better and the paws are always an added bonus.

Hen Wen, from Black Cauldron. He is the magical pet pig of Taran and Dallben in Disney’s 1985 feature film The Black Cauldron.

Tito, from Oliver and Company. Nice movie choice with a cool hair accessory.

There will also be a chaser of course. Any wishes for character selection?

No look at Whiskers & Tails would be complete without comparing them to Annemarie’s Furry Friends 2 from earlier this year.

Lady, Figaro, and Nana were all part of her custom 12 figure set. As for Figaro and Lady, they look almost exactly the same. With Nana, I actually think I prefer Annemarie’s better. The Disney one looks less energetic then hers. Also worth noting is that Annemarie included a set of the Fox and the Hound in her 12 piece series. This set will be part of the upcoming LE from the Animation 3 line.

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I’m assuming the inclusion of such a similar Flower (part from the colour ear change and the paw shape it’s pretty much the same) is a skunk tail accessory. Which would be pretty impressive although it might have balancing issues. However would have definitely preferred another character such as Thumper or Bambi. I really want a Jock or a Little Brother vinylmation, but if either were the chaser it would make getting them harder. Would like to see a more unusual character as the chaser, and thus stand out as chaser…. – Sparky (Frankenweenie) – Djali (Huntchback of Notre Dame)… Read more »


I just wish that they would re-release the 1st series to build the excitment for the 2nd series, like they are doing for Park Stars. Especially since they recalled them. :(