Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Jared Flores

Today’s artist sent us pictures of some of the most impressive Star Wars customs MC and I have ever seen. We are really excited to spotlight Jared Flores of Southern California for the first on DV… and we have a feeling there are many more to come.

Destination Vinylmation: Your Star Wars customs are amazing. How long have you been painting?
Jared Flores: I have been painting my whole life. I actually majored in painting. I primarily use oil on canvas, but Vinyl is a great way for me to take a break. Though I have only been painting Vinylmation for a few months, I am really excited about where my custom work is headed.

DV: What drew you to the Mickey shaped canvas? 
JF: I have been collecting Vinylmation for a few years now, but only recently have I been creating customs.

DV: Why did you choose Star Wars for a line of customs? 
JF: I have always been a Star Wars fan. I wanted to make some of the characters that don’t make it to licensed merchandise as frequently. I knew I wanted to see them, and was sure others would get a kick out of them as well.

DV: Which one are you most proud of?
JF: It’s hard to pick a favorite. They all have such realism. I think it has to be Lando in disguise. Just because of the unique costume choice and wonderful detail in the face. I think the shadows on his face really make it recess back. Jabba the Hut may be my favorite though, he is just such a creep.

DV: How long does it take you to design one 3″ Vinylmation? 
JF: I design as I go, and each one requires a unique amount of time that is usually equal to the amount of detail. I can say that I spend a lot of time hunched over my work table.

Sora and Riku from Kingdom Hearts

Where can people go to view more of your work?
My tumblr page is a great way to get my auction updates, buy new pieces, and commission work for your own. Everything I create is for sale!

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