Spotlight On: Custom Vinylmation Artist Rust This World

Destination Vinylmation: So far you have created a 9 inch Hades, Ursula and Maleficent for what you are calling your “Epic Villains” series. Is it possible to pick a favorite out of this trio?
Rust This World: I like different things about each one, but it’s hard to top Ursula’s giant tentacles. I tried to do something special with the sculpting for each figure in this series so that they really transform the Mickey shape.

DV: Which one was the hardest design to execute?
RTW: They have all been challenging. The sculpting of Hades’ feet was pretty tricky, as were Ursula’s tentacles. There’s a really high level of detail in the painting as well. These figures are just all around more complex than anything else I’ve done.

DV: I like the cohesive look. Did you have this in mind the whole time or did it spring from the Ursula design?
RTW: I made Ursula back in August when I found the tentacles in a store. She became probably the most popular design I’ve ever done. When it was announced that the big annual trade event in WDW would be villains-themed in 2013, I decided to make an entire set using a similar style. The whole style is based around big, detailed, and heavily sculpted figures.

DV: What event did you create these figures for?
RTW: I’m planning on attending the Reflections of Evil event next summer and want to have a big villains-themed showing.

DV: Do you have more planned for this series? 
RTW: Since I have until September, I’ll definitely try and get several more made.
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