Spotlight On: Amber Gonzalez’s Bilbo Baggins

This week while we surfed the facebook I noticed some customs I had never seen before. They were created by Amber Gonzalez. So of course, I had to get in touch with her and ask her about her latest creation. This is what she said…

Destination Vinylmation: I’ve never seen your stuff before. How long have you been a custom vinylmation artist?

Amber Gonzalez: I have been doing customs since August of 2012. Still new and loving every minute of it.

DV: Have you always enjoyed creating art?

AG: I’ve always been crafty. Started painting canvases about 6 years ago.

DV: We asked you to pick your favorite custom so far, and you picked your newest one, Bilbo Baggins. Why do you like this figure so much?

AG: I’ve always been a huge LOTR fan. Last year I made a custom Frodo. With the new movie The Hobbit I knew I had to make young Bilbo Baggins.

DV: I saw the movie, it was much more entertaining that I thought it would be. What else inspired you to make this piece?

AG: I collect LOTR Lego sets and that’s what inspired me to make custom vinyls of them .

DV: Lego makes great video games. Have you tried out the Lego LOTR video game?

AG: I do play all the Lego games. Sadly I bought the LOTR Lego and then my wii died.

DV: That’s a bummer. I think mine’s almost dead too. What was the most difficult part of this figure?

AG: The only hard part was trying to blox a myth and legends Bigfoot so I could use the over sized feet :)

DV: Awesome. From the pics of Big Foot I didn’t even know he had different sized feet! How did you make the ring?

AG: The ring is a Lego accessory. They work perfect for vinyls

DV: I love Lego, if you’ve ever listened to the podcast I always joke about leaving Vinylmation to do a Lego podcast. What’s your favorite favorite Lego Minifig?

AG: I would say my favorite Lego minfig is Professer Snape from Harry Potter. One of my all time favorite characters.

DV: Ok, we should get back to vinyl. What is your favorit Disney made vinylmation figure?

AG: Oo tough one. I’d have to say the 9″ UP, I don’t own it but it’s always been a grail of mine :)

DV: Thank you for your time. We have one more question for you. Do you take commissions and where can people find out more about your art?

AG: I do! People can email me at [email protected] and also find me on Instagram : HeartBakers

DV: Very good! Well congrats on the awesome piece and let us know the next time you have something interesting to show off! And remember custom artists, you can always email us to display your custom pieces.

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