Spotlight On: Crazy4Vinyls’ Rescue Rangers Series

Another regular here at Destination Vinylmation is the custom artist Crazy4Vinyls. We heard he had a great set of Rescue Ranger figures and we asked for more details. This is what he said.

Destination Vinylmation: What was your interest in doing a set of Rescue Rangers?

Crazy4Vinyl: I was actually contacted by a collector who wanted me to create a rescue ranger custom for him. I believe the first one I made for him was Gadget. He wanted her to go with the official rescue ranger set. After he got her he was so pleased that he contacted me wanting an entire set.

DV: I love that you included Zipper as a Jr. You have great choices in characters, how did you choice which ones include?

C4V: The person who I created these for is the one who picked all of the characters so the credit goes to him, I just created them.

DV: Are you a fan of the show?

C4V: I shouldn’t admit this but I have never seen an episode of the cartoon, ever.

DV: That must make it harder to do a set. What was the most challenging part of this set to design/create?

C4V: The hardest part for me was to try and capture an expression or look for each character.  I was trying to stay away from the normal generic faces and tried to create these customs as if they came right out of the cartoon.

DV: What is your favorite Disney created Vinyl these days?

C4V: Most everyone knows me for my love (obsession) of the LGM from park series 2.  This was the first vinylmation that I purchased while on a trip to WDW and continues to be my favorite. I have now collected 23 of this figure.

DV: Don’t worry. Nick’s collected armies like that of Stormtroopers, Bees, and several other figures. In case they don’t remember, where can people see your stuff and do you take commissions?

C4V: You can find me on facebook in two ways:

Customs page:  Crazy4Vinyls Customs by Josh Edwards.  You can send me a message there.


You can send me a message through my regular facebook page Josh Edwards

You can also contact me through e-mail: edwardsjmn123 at

DV: Thanks again for sharing these with us. Let us know the next time you have something interesting to share!

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