Spotlight On: Lawrence Sharma’s Monster’s Inc. Set

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We found custom artist Lawrence Sharma online last week showing off his almost completed Monster’s Inc customs. When he finished them we got a chance to speak with him about his work.

Destination Vinylmation: How long have you been an artist?

Lawrence Sharma: I’ve been doing art since I was really young. I mostly dabbled in pencil sketches and comic book styled art until high school when I tried my hand at more digital mediums of art (graphic design, photography, photo manipulation). It actually wasn’t until a couple years ago that I picked up a paint brush to start painting my own clay figures. Then I found out about vinyl toys…that’s a whole different story.

DV: How long have you been doing custom vinyl? How did you first get into vinyl?

LS: I actually just started customizing vinyls quite recently. A couple of years ago I first made a robot mascot out of a Munny for a company my friends and I were trying to start up. I also was able to make a Ron Weasley out of a Munny about a year ago, and that where it ended before I found out about the Vinylmation series. My friends collected vinyl toys and the “DIY” aspect of them just appealed to me.

DV: That’s cool. What’s your favorite Disney designed Vinylmation?

LS: My absolute favorite vinylmation is the Urban 5 3D Mickey Chaser! It really stood out to me when I first started collecting. It was just so creative.

DV: Your Monster’s Inc set is incredible. What made you make this set?

LS: Thanks a lot! I made this set mostly because I wanted to do a Disney custom instead of more customs inspired by comic book characters. My friend BK gave me a Vinylmation Jr. he didn’t want so I immediately knew I would use it for a custom. My girlfriend, Chelcie, actually really loves Monster’s Inc. so I decided to make a set based on the characters.

DV: Sounds like a good place to start. While making this set of three characters, what was the biggest challenge?

LS: The biggest challenge had to be finding time to paint the figures. I had done the sculpting and mutilation of Mike a couple months before I actually was able to sit down and paint the figures. School and work just ate up a lot of my time, but the monsters were always sitting in the back of my mind.

DV: I know the feeling. When you got the chance to sit down and paint, what ended up being easier then you expected?

LS: The painting, actually! I’m still figuring out how to paint my figures since it is a relatively new medium for me. I was so surprised at how quickly I was able to paint them once I got started. I just got in the zone, I guess.

DV: I really like your choice to use just the head and feet for Mike. How did you get the arms into his head?

LS: I want to say I used a drill because it seems easiest…but since I didn’t have a drill lying around I had to poke holes on each side with box cutters and I “drilled” into the head with a screwdriver. After some cleaning and sanding, he had the arm holes he needed!

DV: Wow. Well that’s certainly a unique way of doing it. Anything else about the set you want to talk about?

LS: Just that I’m really happy with how it came out and I’m grateful to everyone for all the nice comments and props I’ve been receiving. Thanks everyone! KCCO!

DV: They came out excellent, especially for a first time Vinylmation custom artist. How can people see your other work or request commissions?

LS: You can follow me on instagram @Lsharma or go to my facebook page (slowly updating it) to request commissioned work or to see some work I’ve done in the past. Don’t be shy!

DV: So what do you think about the upcoming prequel, Monster’s University?

LS: My initial reaction to it was disappointment because I wanted to see Boo
again and I don’t like the idea of Sulley being a bully. However, the
more we see of it, the more excited we are. She still bugs me to buy her
the for armed monsters University sweater from the website too.

DV: Those are pretty awesome. Thanks for letting us pick your brain. Let us know the next time you have something cool to show off. And don’t forget to keep on collecting!

LS: Thanks!

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Awesome kiddo! Proud of you…


I absolutely love these! I love the idea of only using the head of the vinyl for Mike, and I love the Sully’s detailed painting depicting his fur!


Nice work Lawrence . . . I’m your Tita Jess cousin of your Mom. ..