Spotlight On: Artistic Freedom vs Copyright Infringement?

From time to time we like to post important Vinylmation news straight from the source. Custom artists read this, it’s very useful to know.

“First let me introduce myself, my name is Josh Edwards a.k.a. Crazy4Vinyls
and I have been making custom vinylmations for over a year now.  I’m not
sure how many I have created since I first started but what happened to
me recently took me by surprise.  I recently finished a custom 12 piece
Simpsons set that I created for a couple of reasons.  The first was my
love of the show and second I was inspired by a recent blue sky article
on Vinylmation Kingdom. After I finished the set I listed most of the
customs on ebay and thought nothing of it.   A few days went by and I
went to check on the listings and discovered that all of them were
removed except for one.  I saw in my messages that ebay was contacted by
20th Century Fox.  This was considered a copyright infringement.  I am
not here to argue what they did was wrong because Fox does own the show
and have the right to have the items removed. I was surprised because I
have created numerous non-disney customs but this was the first time
I’ve had items removed.

So the purpose of this
article is to let other artists out there be aware that these kinds of
things could happen as you create your next work of (non-disney) art!
Paint On!
Josh”Let us know if you’ve ever had problems selling your customs, we’d love to start a conversation about this.

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7 years ago

I imagine that even creating DISNEY based customs on Vinylmation is technically Copyright infringement. While Disney is aware of it, and apparently letting it happen, it’s still infringement. More importantly though, is WHY this company cares about a few figures on eBay. One might think they are being greedy or just evil, but the truth is that there have been MANY cases in the past where the courts have ruled that but KNOWINGLY not claiming your copyright against some people using it means you can no longer claim your copyright against ANYONE using it. That means if they don’t fight… Read more »

7 years ago


I think they took it down because Vinylmation is becoming more and more popular.

7 years ago

Technically creating and selling any copyrighted characters on Vinylmation is illegal. Disney lets it slide I suppose because it’s small potatoes and they’re aware people are probably going to do something Disney on it. But it IS illegal.

7 years ago

It makes me wonder if it was due to the Simpson vinyl figures sold by the Kidrobot production line. I know that they have a Simpsons vinyl-like series that is very popular, and I’ve seen in Barnes and Noble stores. It could just be due to the fact that they are doing well with this and don’t want others to think that it’s copying that line… although I think yours are MUCH better looking.

7 years ago

All good points! The only thing that took me by surprise with this is that every custom vinylmation is an infringement on copyrighted characters/movies. I think Disney does look the other way because Disney is the one that has created CYO so one would think they would want people to create these. I know I have seen so many other non-disney characters created as customs: Marvel, D.C., and other cartoon characters like Flintstones, Smurfs and many other 80’s cartoons. So I am left wondering if this was removed because Simpsons is a current, popular t.v. series or e-bay was tipped… Read more »

7 years ago

Keep in mind it’s only the selling of Disney properties without permission that makes it illegal. Not simply creating them.

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