Episode 108 Argyle

Ep. 108 Argyle

This week we talk about the upcoming Vinylmation High School series. We also discuss Funko Disney Pop! and other Disney vinyl collectibles. We tell you how you can get a Mobil Trading Box tee shirt. And of course have the up to date release and events calendar.

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Brad B
Brad B
7 years ago

MC, what were you referring to when you said that the High School vinyls would be better received if they were Disney themed? Were you talking about the vinyls being Disney’s HS Musical themed like Troy (Zac Efron) as the Prom King or maybe they could change the Jock to have a basketball on one ear and a basket on the other? Maybe Gabriella (Vanessa Hudgens) as a female Brainiac? Sharpay could be the Beauty. Jack, Troy’s dad would be the Coach vinyl. Instead of the Lunch Lady vinyl, they could change it to the Drama Teacher, Ms. Darbus. If… Read more »

7 years ago

He probably meant that they used disney characters like they did in Robots 3. So if Mickey was the prom king, Minnie was the prom queen etc.