Episode 111 Cuppa Tea


Ep. 111 Cuppa Tea

This week we talk about the announcement of Beauty and the Beast, Silly Symphony and more Park Starz 2. Also, Julie Young makes some strong and intriguing statements about the hobby and upcoming sets. We also interview Jordan Ahern, the film maker behind a documentary on the Custom Toy scene. And of course, we have the latest release dates and events calendar.

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1 thought on “Episode 111 Cuppa Tea”

  1. This one should have been called the Barry White edition!

    That interview with Jordan sounds interesting, I know I will be looking forward to watching the finished product.

    I think your predictions Urban Redux aren’t going to be as amazing as you hope, and I’ll be honest when I say some of those ideas sound great for park regulars but maybe not for those of us away from the parks.. But those ideas would be fab for cast chasers. I think they are talking about how the new mini series is a big difference to their normal series with more variants, maybe super chasers, smaller sets.


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